Translation of mercy killing in Spanish:

mercy killing

eutanasia, n.


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    eutanasia feminine
    • He felt that doctors addressing genuine requests for mercy killing by their patients should not be turned into criminals.
    • In extreme circumstances of unbearable agony where others turn to euthanasia or mercy killing, Hindus know the sufferer may refuse food and water.
    • In 2002, the first year that the law effectively decriminalising mercy killing came into force, 1882 cases were reported, 172 fewer than in 2001.
    • The British paper Scotland on Sunday related yet another hospital mercy killing.
    • If passed, the Netherlands will be the first country formally to allow mercy killing.
    • She had told relatives that she wanted to die, but Canadian law forbids mercy killing.
    • Most of the qualified defences have an element of excuse - provocation, diminished responsibility, most duress cases, infanticide, mercy killing, and suicide pacts.
    • Once the disease reaches this stage, euthanasia or mercy killing is the only recourse.
    • Euthanasia is mercy killing, and to be sure it is for the good of the one given final rest.
    • In 2001 the Netherlands became the first country to legalise euthanasia, although doctors had been performing the so-called mercy killing of patients unofficially for some time.
    • Quite simply, my book contends that most Americans now believe that legalizing either assisted suicide or actual mercy killing would be bad public policy.
    • Also last week, the congress rejected a proposal to decriminalise mercy killing in the country.
    • Should we not be told clearly Sikhism's position on mercy killing? assisted suicide?
    • Euthanasia, mercy killing or call it what you will is helping someone to die when they wish it, without falling foul of the law and being prosecuted.
    • A legal test case has defined the limits within which doctors in the Netherlands, especially general practitioners, can agree to a patient's request for mercy killing.
    • They fundamentally disapprove of mercy killing on religious grounds, and may believe that suffering is God's will and that God alone should determine when life ends.
    • Moreover, Lord Goff specifically rejected the compassionate avoidance of lingering as a defence against mercy killing.
    • The professor, a bio-ethicist and philosopher from Manchester University, was appearing before a House of Lords committee which is investigating proposals to allow mercy killing.
    • It is important not to confuse nonvoluntary mercy killing with involuntary mercy killing.
    • The defence argues that the death was instead a form of mercy killing, which would carry a maximum five year sentence.
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    acto de eutanasia masculine