Translation of merely in Spanish:


simplemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪrli//ˈmɪəli/


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    it's merely a formality no es más que una formalidad
    • she merely has to raise her voice and he … no tiene más que levantar la voz y él …
    • I merely asked her name simplemente le pregunté cómo se llamaba
    • he merely smiled se limitó a sonreír
    • he's not merely brilliant, he's a genius no es simplemente brillante, es un genio
    • He merely savours his secret and waits until he can return, taking the boy water and food.
    • Are we going to see more police on the beat for example, or are we merely funding more pensions?
    • Instead of the body of a book, Horn merely offers us the picture and the poetry beneath.
    • There has been much speculation that the Lions are merely keeping it all under wraps.
    • It seems clear that its problems will not be solved merely by a makeover of what is already there.
    • It was no longer possible merely to turn up at the door on a whim, because you felt like a giggle all of a sudden.
    • The boys had merely had a few drinks and a wee singsong, and things had gone slightly awry.
    • On opening the bag the victim found that it merely contained two bottles of water.
    • So if there are no eardrums around to be vibrated, there is no sound, merely waves in the air.
    • Their seaside conference was pencilled in as merely a stroll towards a second term.
    • They are now no longer pretty and sweet enough to carry it off and begin to look merely desperate.
    • Unfortunately he is merely the head of a rabble of warlords who are firmly rooted in the past.
    • He said he pointed it at her and pulled the trigger merely in order to scare her, but a bullet was fired.
    • It would be easy to conclude that his politics were merely window dressing for mayhem.
    • It will merely alert everyone else on the bus to the fact that you are irredeemably selfish.
    • I would say to your readers that I am a fond cat lover and I am merely making a valid point.
    • Unfortunately, without wishing to speak ill of him, let me merely say he is a lawyer.
    • It is not merely a question of blurring the lines between public and private life.
    • It is not enough to merely imply that the whole thing is such a mess that you could not possibly do any worse.
    • Something that works as a wonder drug on an animal might kill you, or merely have no effect at all.