Translation of merit in Spanish:


mérito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛrɪt//ˈmɛrət/


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    • 1.1(excellence)

      mérito masculine
      a man of merit un hombre de mérito
      • a work of artistic merit una obra de mérito artístico
      • he was chosen purely on merit lo eligieron exclusivamente por sus méritos
      • before noun merit system sistema de ascensos por méritos
      • A place where the system works in your favour and, by excluding others, creates for you a place where your work will be judged on merit alone.
      • I worked hard on my college resume so I could get in based on merit.
      • It is hard to believe that all had shown equivalent levels of merit to deserve such elevation.
      • Trouble is, we couldn't think of many other people who deserved awards on merit.
      • He knows progress in Europe will put a greater strain on his squad than ever before but he believes he has the foundations and the confidence of knowing they are there on merit.
      • All of this clearly has the appearance of rewards based on political favoritism, rather than rewards based on merit.
      • A direct result of this tragedy was the Pendleton Act in 1883, which sought to make entry into the service dependent on merit rather than on reward.
      • It makes no sense in a world that bases reward on merit alone, but our God operates on a different level.
      • The selectors deserve credit for picking fourteen players on merit.
      • Thus, the fight to improve lousy schools so that poor, bright children stand a better chance of getting to good universities on merit is utterly undermined.
      • I wouldn't support any system that wasn't based purely on merit.
      • England's top sides are where they are on merit.
      • In turn she sues the government for a position she deserved on merit.
      • Further, since he owed nothing and gave an infinite gift, he acquired merit and deserves a reward.
      • In its structure the ruling elite reflected a world of order and hierarchy in which promotion and status were rewarded on merit.
      • Civil servants should be recruited on merit alone.
      • Some senior judges fear that an emphasis on appointing more women and ethnic minority judges would mean that appointments would no longer be based solely on merit.
      • For me, he is a good player and deserves the European player of the year on merit.
      • A fair process for appointing candidates on merit must be at the heart of the new system, based on advice from the Equal Opportunities Commission.
      • Prospective trust board members will be selected on merit related to the skills they possess and the skills necessary to manage this reserve.

    • 1.2(praiseworthy quality)

      the plan was accepted on its financial merits se aceptó el plan por sus ventajas económicas
      • each option has its merits and its demerits todas las opciones tienen sus ventajas y desventajas / sus pros y sus contras
      • there is no / isn't any merit in prolonging the dispute no tiene ningún sentido prolongar el conflicto

  • 2British

    School University
    mención especial feminine
    to pass with merit aprobar con mención especial
    • I am pretty confident that I have passed all my assignments with high enough marks to proceed to the dissertation, with a few recent assignments scoring merits or distinctions.
    • University admissions requirements will vary from institution to institution, but are likely to expect either a merit or a distinction grade.
    • In October 2004, Dennis sat for his final examination in grade 12 and passed with a full certificate having got credits and merits in all the seven subjects.
    • The standard was extremely high with many students achieving distinctions and merits and all were congratulated on the excellence of their achievements.
    • Technical merit scores dipped as low as 5.2 to reflect the lack of jump content.

transitive verb

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    ser digno de