Translation of mess in Spanish:


desorden, n.

Pronunciation: /mɛs//mɛs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(untidiness, disorder)

      desorden masculine
      revoltijo masculine
      what a mess! ¡qué desorden!
      • tidy up this mess! ¡arregla este desorden!
      • the bedroom was (in) a mess el dormitorio estaba todo desordenado
      • my hair is a mess tengo el pelo hecho un desastre
      • the pair of them look a mess los dos van muy desarreglados / desastrados
      • her toys were in a mess all over the floor tenía todos los juguetes desparramados por el suelo
      • he's a good cook, but he makes such a mess in/of the kitchen cocina bien, pero deja la cocina hecha un desastre / un asco
      • you can play here, but don't make any mess puedes jugar aquí, pero no desordenes nada
      • On the other hand, if you are the sort who makes a major mess of the kitchen whenever you cook anything or even when you make a cup of tea, then skip the breakfast in bed part.
      • Go to Paddy's shed to avoid making a mess of the kitchen.
      • A man is sitting in an armchair, papers in an untidy mess strewn all around and a lap-top sits on a coffee table in front of him, blinking in anticipation of future commands.
      • The room was a mess; it was like a robber had been in the place.
      • I don't want to talk to anyone, see anyone, do anything, My hair is a mess.
      • It looked a mess, buildings trashed and fires burning all that the townspeople held dear.
      • Each time you host a party at home, it's a total mess in the kitchen due to last minute preparations.
      • Like mess in a kitchen in a shared house - they just appeared, and I don't know where they came from.
      • It's probably because just the other day whilst struggling through the mess of the kitchen cupboard I found the bonnet he gave me.
      • His room was a complete mess, and it didn't surprise her, but it was still gross all the same.
      • Residents in Jaywick claim parts of their village are a mess as recycling bags have not been collected for weeks.
      • The kitchen is a mess and I walked in, took one look around and walked out.
      • He began to clean his hair, which was a mess of dirty tangles.
      • Clothes were ripped and torn, and hair was a mess - just like life.
      • Soon, her almost naked body was a mess of food grease and sauces.
      • The room was in a mess, and there was already a thin layer of dust on the floor as if no one had cleaned it for several days.
      • We don't make a mess in the kitchen and we're mostly out of the library anyway.
      • We stocked up on cornflour, hoping it was the same thing, then proceeded to make one hell of a mess all over my kitchen
      • The art of being a successful lazy blighter is to be organised, so the mess which is my reel collection box is only a mess to other people.
      • Great Victoria Street is a mess, but the cluster of buildings around the Europa Hotel is a large chunk of the city centre.

    • 1.2(dirt, soiling)

      to make a mess (of sth) ensuciar algo
      • you've made a mess of your new shirt te has ensuciado la camisa nueva

    • 1.3British euphemistic informal (excrement)

      caca feminine informal
      dog's/cat's mess caca de perro/gato feminine informal
      • Although there are some truly enjoyable moments, The Last Kiss is generally a mess of stories and lacks the heart that makes a romantic movie so memorable.
      • According to a couple who spoke to Coun Kaye about dog mess, he told them as he left: ‘You can't educate the working class.’
      • Cricklade Town Council issued a warning to dog owners after receiving numerous complaints that pavements and grass verges were littered with dog mess.
      • At one point, he must have weighed close to two hundred pounds-eyes milky semi-fluid, coat a mess of folds and fatty tumors.
      • I wish I had a mess of cherries off of our largest tree.
      • A mess of us will convene in San Diego for this year's Comic-Con International.
      • His catalogue of crimes is appalling: assaults on other children, dog mess through letterboxes, vandalism.
      • A new poster campaign, warning that leaving litter and dog mess on the street is an offence, has also gone on display at key poster sites and on the city's Supertram.
      • The town council asked for the dog warden to spend more time in the town after it received numerous complaints from residents that dog mess was spoiling the environment.
      • She highlighted two hazards that could easily be removed without the help of any local authorities or without spending any money: dog mess left in the streets and cars parked on the pavements.
      • ‘My children walk to school down that lane and there's nothing worse than standing in dog mess,’ he added.
      • Police say he is responsible for pushing dog mess through letterboxes, smashing windows, damaging cars, pelting people with eggs and assaulting other youngsters.
      • Frustrated Kirkby Stephen town councillors have again appealed to the public to help curb the growing problem of littering and dog mess in the area.
      • Since attention has been drawn to dog fouling there has been no dog mess in the verge.
      • The eggs in dog mess are not infectious for at least two weeks and there is no risk for the owners who clear up straight away.
      • Bosses at the council are warning that a number of blitzes have already been carried out around the borough, and owners caught not clearing up their dog mess will be prosecuted.
      • If I was to be caught not cleaning up after my dogs, I would be obliged to pay a fine, yet the bins provided for disposing of dog mess are constantly overflowing causing a disgusting stench.
      • One said that the problem of dog mess had been overshadowed by abandoned condoms, empty alcohol containers and remnants of glue sniffing, which had been left of the recreation field.
      • One parent was particularly upset after her four-year-old daughter stepped in dog mess on the way to school and then rode her bike over some the next day.
      • He writes regularly to the council on environmental issues and has now turned lobbyist on the issue that most annoys him - dog mess along Rochdale Canal.
      • Like me, most bereaved people would regard a shrine in a roadside verge, often festooned with litter and dog mess and shrouded in vehicle fumes, as anything but a fitting memorial.
      • I've eaten at Kam Han several times recently, both at lunch and dinner, as well as having ordered a mess of takeout, and the food has generally been very good.
      • So far she has collected bin bags full of rubbish, including engine oil and rat poison containers, bags of used disposable nappies and dog mess.
      • A quarter of this is spent on cleaning up dog mess.
      • The remaining hounds were staging a ‘static protest’ with their owners, to avoid a mountain of dog mess being produced on the promenade.

  • 2

    (confused, troubled state)
    she's in such a mess, she has huge debts está metida en un verdadero lío, tiene deudas enormes
    • their marriage was (in) a mess su matrimonio andaba muy mal
    • the country is (in) a complete mess la situación del país es caótica
    • my life's a mess mi vida es un desastre
    • to get into a mess meterse en un lío
    • to get sb out of a mess sacar a algn de un lío / de un apuro
    • to make a mess of sth/ -ing
    • you made a real mess of this job hiciste muy mal este trabajo
    • she made a real mess of her life se arruinó la vida
    • he made a mess of fixing the car arregló muy mal el coche
  • 3

    officers' mess casino de oficiales masculine Southern Cone
  • 4USinformal

    (large quantity)
    montón masculine
    a whole mess of friends un montón / la tira de amigos informal

intransitive verb

  • 1informal

    (waste time)
    off to bed now, kids, and no messing! a la cama, chicos ¡y sin tontear! / ¡y nada de tonterías!
    • she told him straight out and no messing se lo dijo directamente
  • 2Britisheuphemistic, informal

    the dog messed on the carpet el perro ensució la alfombra euphemistic
  • 3

    comer el rancho

transitive verb

  • 1euphemistic

    to mess one's pants hacerse encima euphemistic informal