Translation of mess around in Spanish:

mess around

hacer travesuras, v.

phrasal verb


  • 1

    • 1.1(misbehave)

      (children) hacer travesuras
      (children) tontear
      she found out he'd been messing around descubrió que había tenido líos / enredos con otras
      • he started messing around with drugs empezó a meterse con drogas

    • 1.2(fiddle, waste time)

      I was just messing around with some friends andaba por ahí ganduleando con unos amigos
      • he enjoys messing around in boats le gusta entretenerse / pasar el tiempo navegando
      • she didn't mess around: she told him straight out no se anduvo con vueltas; se lo dijo sin más

    • 1.3(interfere)

      to mess around (with sth/sb)
      • they keep messing around with the arrangements cambian los planes una y otra vez
      • stop messing around with my things! ¡deja mis cosas tranquilas!
      • don't mess around with me no juegues conmigo

  • 2

    • 2.1British (treat inconsiderately)

      don't mess me around: are you going to come or not? no me fastidies / decídete de una vez ¿vienes o no? informal
      • he messed us around over the date nos cambió mil veces la fecha
      • he messed me around so much that I left him jugó conmigo de tal manera, que lo dejé

    • 2.2British (muddle)

      armar un lío con informal