Translation of mess tin in Spanish:

mess tin

plato de campaña, n.



  • 1

    plato de campaña masculine
    • I crawled out, with my rifle in one hand, mess tins in the other.
    • Mock shells bursting nearby rained down mud into mess tins.
    • Below lie rifles and helmets, encrusted in growth, and gas-masks and mess tins.
    • Matthew, eating from a battered mess tin, warily made a circuit around the camp perimeter, his eyes scanning the rugged area surrounding them.
    • Our work finished about 2 am and we returned to the trenches a hot supper was served to us I picked up the first utensil I could set my hands on which happened to be the common mess tin.
    • Queuing up for his mess tin of porridge at the camp's field kitchen is Vanya.
    • They were given one mess tin from which to eat, drink, wash and shave.
    • If possible, also carry: Stove and fuel, signal flares, metal mug or mess tin, torch and batteries, spare matches, survival bag, brew kit, spare food, more ammunition, and extra matches
    • To save weight, they'd taken only a third of a towel per man, one razor per three and one mess tin per two.
    • In it, a female private recalled how she was ‘made to run around the parade ground naked whilst wearing a belt with mess tins attached to it.’
    • There were other examples of devices with explosives inside them - a tin of Smedley's plums, lumps of coal, cans of motor oil, shaving brushes and a mess tin.
    • Oatmeal and dried-apple flakes boiled up in a mess tin makes a perfect breakfast.
    • Idly, here and there, someone smokes pensively or in glee; another scrapes the scoop-end of a spoon against a mess tin brimming with gobs.
    • Tom, who did not like Cunningham, spat in Oscar's mess tin and eyed the two figures, the tall, poker-straight form of the lieutenant, and the lanky, long-haired form of the sergeant.