Translation of message in Spanish:


mensaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛsɪdʒ//ˈmɛsɪdʒ/


  • 1

    mensaje masculine
    a message of support un mensaje de apoyo
    • would you like to leave a message, can I take a message? ¿quiere dejar algún mensaje?
    • could you give him a message? ¿podría darle un recado?
    • When the newspaper attempted to leave him telephone messages to contact the newsroom, his mailbox was full.
    • I even used birds to send my messages from here directly to Devlin.
    • Pope John Paul is said to be alert and writing up messages just a day after throat surgery.
    • For more information and to send messages of support phone 07961 106 095.
    • Visitors were invited to leave messages on a voice recording offering their ideas on freedom.
    • Prompting strategies are verbal or written antecedent messages that designate desirable target behaviors.
    • Maybe he was too slack at half-time. Maybe the tone in his voice sent the wrong message.
    • They are also linked to ringmaster, a telephone system for sending a voice message instantly to everyone on the system.
    • This facility uses the same ability to write to a user's console to send messages directly to their screen.
    • Recipients can reply to messages immediately and it also records the conversation - which could be saved for playback.
    • Text messaging is the cellphone technology that allows users to send and receive written messages through their phones.
    • The messages are not sent directly to the recipient's phone, rather the sender and the recipient must subscribe to the service which provides a secret link for them to access the message.
    • And we couldn't have written the message he sent better ourselves.
    • Verbal messages expressed by voices often are highly emotional.
    • It makes it clear that senders cannot send such messages unless they have the recipient's prior consent.
    • Fife Fire and Rescue Service in Scotland has teamed up with mobile phone giant Orange to allow crews to send picture messages to accident and emergency units directly from the scene.
    • He has no emotion and responds directly to the messages he is sent.
    • Written information may complement verbal messages, thus enhancing concordance and encouraging behaviour change.
    • For more information and to send messages of support phone Newham Unison on 07961 106 095.
    • During the war, he served in North Africa and Italy, a communications specialist, sending messages from Field Marshal Alexander to London.
  • 2

    (of novel, song)
    mensaje masculine
    the message of the Gospel el mensaje del Evangelio
    • Peer influence is exerted via social support, social comparison, and explicit and implicit messages conveyed in intimate interactions.
    • Significant religious and political messages intended for an Arab and Islamic audience were completely missed.
    • In some ways, the film's political messages are subservient to its desire to undermine the big-budget formula.
    • As films laced with social messages go, this one is surely different.
    • Writers should certainly have opinions about the social messages within the films.
    • This shift signifies the overall message of the film - that Janice is the one with the problem, not Jane.
    • There are no political or moral messages here, and though it clearly is an anti-war film, the point isn't belabored.
    • Kurosawa's film conveys these messages without utilizing crude sadomasochistic images, yet it's a much more frightening film.
    • However, the cinemas were not full of serious films with a political message.
    • Can videogames convey social and political messages and still be a lot of fun?
    • Most non-governmental organisations use street plays to convey important social messages.
    • Acclaimed for using a popular format to pass on the social message, the film had used the soap opera look to cash in on a large audience.
    • Sunil Kumar has used the comic character of Charlie Chaplin to convey his message through the film.
    • And, again, the restrained political, social, and moral messages are insightful and stimulating.
    • Several non-government organisations and even government agencies have made an effort to make films with strong social messages.
    • No creative writer is interested in conveying a message, whether political or social.
    • She appears in films that appeal to her heart and makes short ad films with a social message.
    • In spite of the sorrows depicted, the film conveys the messages of resistance and peace.
    • This film does convey a message, and it comes at the end, after the final bullet is fired, when the kiss has been planted on the lips.
    • Most of that material, however, while interesting, is marginal to the political message of the film.
  • 3British dialect, informal

    to run a message for sb hacerle un mandado a algn Latin America
    • to do the messages hacer la compra

transitive verb

  • 1

    enviar un mensaje de texto