Translation of messy in Spanish:


desordenado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛsi//ˈmɛsi/

adjectivemessiest, messier

  • 1

    (room) desordenado
    (writing) sucio y descuidado
    (writing) desprolijo Southern Cone
    • They have been getting messy with paints and glue to help raise funds and bring happiness to children through the Make a Wish Foundation.
    • He was basically wild anyway, with his tangled and messy dark brown hair and those eyes.
    • All she wanted was Tommie with his stupid, messy purple hair and dirty shoes and goofy smile.
    • Her wavy brown hair was messy, tangled, and pulled into a sloppy ponytail at the nape of her neck.
    • Rushing to get dress and to pack her things Rebecca race out the door with messy hair and untidy clothing.
    • The game began to descend into a scrappy affair with play the balls getting messy and players getting confrontational.
    • Her dark hair was tousled and messy and her eyes were red and puffy.
    • His hair was very messy and dirty, since he only got to bathe about once a fortnight and he never got to brush it.
    • Zach looks just like my dad, he's got these big brown eyes, and messy black hair that is all over the place.
    • He had messy dirty blonde hair, too, but his eyes were chocolate brown instead of dark green.
    • It's still alive in the messy hair and dirty jeans of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
    • Because my hair got messy during changing, I used her full-length mirror to pat it back in place.
    • A short plump pirate with an eye patch over his right eye, messy hair and a tangled beard.
    • His blonde hair, normally messy but in a totally fake way, was tousled in the true sense of the word.
    • As for her dirty top and messy hair, there would not be anything inconspicuous about that.
    • He has the same almond eyes, the same thin face, the same messy dirty blonde hair, everything.
    • She was met face to face with a guy who had thick messy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkled with laughter.
    • He's tall, has olive skin, a beautiful physique and messy brown hair.
    • His usual perfectly spiked dirty blonde hair was messy and it exaggerated his sharp features.
    • The last one to exit was a young boy with wildly messy dirty blond hair.
  • 2

    he's a messy eater come sin modales
  • 3

    (unpleasant, confused)
    he was involved in some messy affair estaba involucrado en un asunto turbio
    • the truth is often complicated and messy la verdad es muchas veces complicada y desagradable
    • theirs was a messy divorce su divorcio fue muy reñido y amargo