Translation of metal in Spanish:


metal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛt(ə)l//ˈmɛdl/


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    (solid material)
    metal masculine
    (clasp/plating/box) (before noun) metálico
    (clasp/box/plating) (before noun) de metal
    • The result was a new, hard metal, Bessemer steel, ideal for rail-making.
    • Reactive metals will react with nitric acid to give the metal nitrate and hydrogen gas.
    • Titanium exists in two allotropic forms, one of which is a dark gray, shiny metal.
    • Earthen materials like steel, metal and granite are hard to get these days.
    • It's made of metal, polyvinyl chloride pipe, wire mesh netting, and wood.
    • Known as shape-memory materials, they are metal alloys or polymers that accomplish similar feats in different ways.
    • She was the only girl in the class that could carry the big, solid metal poles by herself.
    • It is the most ductile and malleable of all metals.
    • I tried an unlocking spell on my prison door, then kicking it with my dragora legs, but the solid metal door remained securely shut.
    • This shining metal was not raw iron but hard steel, which bent the softer wrought-iron blades of the Gauls.
    • The second door, made of a shiny metal resembling stainless steel, had a cold, menacing look and feel to it.
    • The door was made of metal and had long, vertical bars on it instead of solid metal like the other doors that could be found in the rest of the building.
    • Anyway, amalgams are alloys that combine mercury and other metals in the periodic table.
    • Common reductants are the active metals, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon, carbon monoxide, and sulfurous acid.
    • Bronze rapidly became a very popular metal since it was harder and more durable than either copper or tin by itself.
    • The ramp was metal, solid metal, and cold against Sekher's toes as they started up.
    • Plaster of Paris is widely used as a mold or model material in the metal and ceramic industries.
    • The thermal conductivity of this metal is, like electrical conductivity, determined largely by the free electrons.
    • Pyrotechnicians started putting metal chlorides in the fireworks to produce a dazzling array of color.
    • This award-winning site has a number of sections relating to alkaline earth metals, transition metals, other metals and metalloids.
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    metal masculine
  • 3British

    (on roads)
    grava feminine
    • The top of the Chamberlain's Brook is most accessible in a road metal quarry located south of Killigrews village and 7.0 km east of the intersection of Red Bridge Road with coastal Rte. 60.
    • A greater width and depth of road metal was used on roads closer to Aberdeen that carried a larger volume of traffic.
    • 96 Drains were usually constructed 18 in. square and were built with lime-mortared masonry walls that supported flat slab stones beneath the road metal.
    • In common with other specifications for road construction the contractors had to remove all ‘fixed stones’ from the bed on which road metal was laid.
    • For all we knew they could have just been road metal.
    • The work includes blasting and crushing rock from a quarry and laying the road metal produced on the track and leveling the surface.
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    (liquid glass)
    vidrio fundido masculine
    • In 1952 he thought about using the bed of molten metal to form the flat glass, eliminating altogether the need for the rollers.

transitive verb


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