Translation of metal detector in Spanish:

metal detector

detector de metales, n.


  • 1

    detector de metales masculine
    • Each of the officers, in his underwear, was searched and passed through a metal detector.
    • In September they returned, each armed with a metal detector, and searched the field after the farmer took out his crop.
    • If I'm not allowed to carry a cell phone through the metal detector, fine.
    • Recently I was forced to take off my shoes on my sixth attempt to get past the metal detector on a domestic flight to Dubbo.
    • The officer encouraged the man to pass through the metal detector a second time - and again the blade failed to be discovered.
    • I placed my belongings through the X-ray scanner and walked through the metal detector to fill out the form.
    • Next he put all belongings with him through to be checked and walked through the metal detector - it gave a beep.
    • An additional limb in front is equipped with a metal detector and radar to find mines, a second sprays paint on the ground to mark the spot.
    • The stand-alone equipment is much like a metal detector in an airport: it scans the entire body.
    • At 8.15 last night, the group went to board a flight to Singapore when one man set off a metal detector.
    • As she entered the building, she was searched by the guards and went through the metal detector.
    • The woman guard complained that she was assaulted as she attempted a body search on Ross after a metal detector was triggered.
    • Security had been stepped up again, so I couldn't go in to a building without getting my bags scanned and a metal detector run over my body.
    • On Monday of last week Thomas, his father Pat, and friend Bernard used a metal detector in their search.
    • Before entering the hospital, I pass through a metal detector and guards search my bag.
    • One woman had so much metal in her face it must have been a nightmare if she ever came up close to a metal detector or a large magnet.
    • Mr Black, who has been using his metal detector for eight years, said the group found the pan about a foot underground.
    • The bomber told soldiers at the crossing point that she would set off a metal detector because she had an implant from surgery to repair a broken leg.
    • Like other passengers, they will have to go through a metal detector and security check.
    • If I wore clothing that set off an airport metal detector I wouldn't mind being searched and I would understand the reason why.