Translation of metalanguage in Spanish:


metalenguaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛdəˌlæŋ(ɡ)wɪdʒ//ˈmɛtəlaŋɡwɪdʒ/


  • 1

    metalenguaje masculine
    • If we look at this argument closely, we perceive that what is at stake in her argument is precisely the impossibility of metalanguage in the revolutionary process.
    • You begin to worry that the metalanguage we're using just isn't up to the job, and to think that maybe it's time to call in the philosophers, as Mark Liberman suggests.
    • As generalized markup developments moved from the labs to the standards arena and started to become metalanguages, three basic parts to generalized markup language emerged.
    • Although a relatively objective metalanguage can be devised to describe and discuss poetry, individual response to it is necessarily subjective.
    • A metalanguage is a language that supplies terms for analysing a language; a metametalanguage does the same for a metalanguage.