Translation of metaphor in Spanish:


metáfora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛtəfə//ˈmɛdəˌfər//ˈmɛdəˌfɔr//ˈmɛtəfɔː/


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    metáfora feminine
    • Images are often presented through figures of speech like simile and metaphor.
    • The description is literal, concrete and concise, rarely using metaphors or similes to extend the image.
    • We thrive on metaphors and similes, and we place ourselves within contexts of known stories and mythologies.
    • As early as the 16th century theorists had compared musical figures to metaphors.
    • In this way as if scenarios are not metaphors but are performative approaches or enactments.
    • I doubt I have ever read a novel with so many extravagantly nonsensical similes and rococo metaphors.
    • No longer will one or two tropes or metaphors serve to characterize the poetic work done by women.
    • Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
    • Poetry aims to speak death through metaphors but metaphors also defer rather than confer meaning.
    • We think in similes and metaphors; some people simply carry the levels of identification farther than others.
    • It is his method of organising words, images and metaphors to create the particular effect he seeks to achieve.
    • But we should not be tempted to construe these metaphors literally.
    • Although there is no use of metaphors or similes, there are beautiful descriptions in this book.
    • So I went on to talk about metaphors you know, and similes and figures of speech.
    • The dream contains all the violence of a given situation but it sits veiled in metaphors and images.
    • I've been working really hard on improving my metaphors and similes and the like.
    • Her daily speech is sprinkled with metaphors and witty turns of phrase.
    • Neither can a concern with the ear and the eye be taken simply as a reading of particular metaphors, however powerfully conceived.
    • Kids take metaphors literally, which mean that a frog in your throat will be slimy, living and likely to hop out onto the kitchen floor.
    • Cut adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors which do not shed light or develop the narrative voice.