Translation of metatarsal in Spanish:


hueso metatarsiano, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɛdəˈtɑrs(ə)l//ˌmɛtəˈtɑːs(ə)l/


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    hueso metatarsiano masculine
    hueso del metatarso masculine
    • The forefoot was fixed to a forefoot plate via metal wires passing over the first and fifth metatarsals.
    • Her foot was tender over the middle metatarsal, but there was no swelling, heat, or redness of the foot.
    • These rules call for palpation of the proximal fifth metatarsal and navicular in patients with acute ankle injuries and midfoot pain.
    • Common sites are the tibia, fibula, metatarsals, lumbar spine (pars interarticularis), and the hip (proximal femur).
    • The atrophic form is usually localized to the forefoot and causes osteolysis of the distal metatarsals.
    • On inspection, the toes angle abruptly toward the midline, creating a C-shaped lateral foot border with a prominent styloid process of the fifth metatarsal.
    • After the metatarsals, the calcaneus is the most common location in the foot for a stress fracture.
    • My foot has wide metatarsals with tapered toes, and no shoe fits.
    • Multiple fractures of metatarsals on the foot were K-wired.
    • The scan demonstrated intense, increased activity in the head of the fourth metatarsal.
    • They stated that fractures of the proximal part of the diaphysis of the fifth metatarsal mainly occurred in basketball and soccer players.
    • A straight incision parallel to the plantar aspect of the foot was used to approach the base of the fifth metatarsal.
    • I had fractured the fifth metatarsal on my right foot and was put in plaster from foot to knee.
    • Bone tenderness over the navicular bone or base of the fifth metatarsal is an indication for radiographs to rule out fracture of the foot.
    • These fractures most often involve the distal second and third metatarsals and are least common in the fifth metatarsal.
    • It is in the plane of the tendon of peroneus longus and its insertion inferolaterally onto the base and side of the first metatarsal.
    • The muscle inserts onto the dorsal aspect of the tuberosity of the fifth metatarsal.
    • He returned today, and a foot x-ray revealed a stress fracture of the third metatarsal.
    • He lost one toe in the past, has had osteomyelitis of his metatarsals several times, and this time around presented with redness and swelling in his heel.
    • One common operation is known as an osteotomy of the first metatarsal.