Translation of method in Spanish:


método, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛθəd//ˈmɛθəd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(means)

      método masculine
      teaching methods métodos pedagógicos / de enseñanza
      • method of payment forma de pago
      • This was unknown to management, and operators often used their own methods to clear it.
      • Randomised controlled trials are the best way to assess new methods of management.
      • Brewers use several methods to produce beers and lagers with low alcohol content.
      • The most crude method is to look at how far a politician has climbed up the greasy pole marked promotion.
      • It could be down to problems with the people or the process, the methods, or the tools.
      • This leads to some necessary tweaking of the rules, such as methods for breaking ties.
      • Some less final, but highly curious methods have been used in the past to this pragmatic end.
      • Statistics are given in support of this approach for two of the methods evaluated.
      • They all have their own agendas and they all have their own methods of attracting attention.
      • The interview is probably the most widely employed method in qualitative research.
      • The ultimate logic of this method is automatic writing developed by the surrealists.
      • The good news is that the questions seem to be very good, and the testing methods are smooth and easy.
      • He had absolute belief in himself and his methods, and wasn't afraid to say so to anybody.
      • New research claims people are keen to give to charity but are put off by some of the methods employed.
      • The particular virtue of this method was the directness of style it engendered.
      • From there we also looked at who we would approach and what methods we would use to make contact.
      • That cut the journey between the two metropolises to just over half an hour by either method.
      • Try to get one or two methods or techniques that you become proficient at and work on them.
      • James explained why he though organic methods are being widely practiced in the area.
      • It is a useful means of organizing research methods and approaches to data analysis.
      • The full power of the law must be brought down on people who practise such methods.
      • A much better method is to grab a leg in each hand and pull violently in opposite directions.
      • After a few minutes of this without a burp I decided to try another tried and tested method.
      • Driving the ribbon by this method would be opposite to our existing arrangement.
      • When my son was younger and had a temper tantrum, I found the simplest methods were best.
      • Using force is always the last resort and our methods emphasise the safety of young people.
      • The methods used are exactly the same as for a commercial organisation selling a product.
      • Infection control methods were put into place at the weekend to try and stop the spread of the virus.

    • 1.2(methodical procedure)

      método masculine

  • 2

    the Method el método (de Stanislavsky-Strasberg)
    • before noun a Method actor un actor del método (Stanislavsky-Strasberg)