Translation of methodical in Spanish:


metódico, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈθɑdək(ə)l//mɪˈθɒdɪk(ə)l/


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    • You need excellent guard play and to be methodical in approach, concerned with tempo and getting it down to a possession game.
    • Victory over the French may have been completed in a methodical, if not exciting fashion, but England will be warned not to switch off now.
    • The search began with methodical, round-the-clock sonar scans of the predetermined search zone.
    • At 15, she took up golf and immediately thrived on her country's uniquely methodical approach to fostering the best young talent.
    • An effort is now under way to establish a methodical breeding program in the hope of creating a healthy captive population.
    • The only sufficient way to counter this, of course, is to use a slow and methodical fashion in approaching your objectives.
    • The methodical process and careful attention that Gibbs has devoted to his work belies the banality of his subject.
    • The methodical search even involved a police sniffer dog, three-year-old Harvey.
    • You still need the sequential, programmed, methodical approach to your child's overall learning.
    • Yet people choose dentists every day using much less rigorous and methodical approaches.
    • This slow pace results from a methodical and exhaustive research process.
    • His occasional obsessions were strategic in nature, procedural, methodical.
    • His choir-training methods were methodical, painstaking, and gentlemanly.
    • It includes magical incantations, but most of the text takes a methodical, empirical approach to diagnosis and treatment.
    • We are going to undertake a fairly rigorous and methodical approach.
    • Cohen recommends a methodical, three-part approach to archiving for posterity.
    • In terms of its careful emphasis on surprise, artillery concentration, and methodical planning, Amiens pointed the way ahead to Alamein.
    • His major motifs are still walls and human figures and he paints them with the same methodical approach to surface detailing as he had done in the past.
    • At this time of year, you will find all the answers you are seeking in conscientious, methodical soul-searching.
    • Why is it that we don't treat our search for a partner with the same methodical approach as other major decisions, like buying a house or finding a job?