Translation of métier in Spanish:


profesión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪˌtjeɪ//meɪˈtjeɪ//ˈmɛtjeɪ/


  • 1

    (profession) profesión feminine
    (profession) oficio masculine
    (strong point) fuerte masculine
    (strong point) especialidad feminine
    • But having been sacked from field command and kicked upstairs to the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Army, he found his true métier as an administrator and reformer.
    • Above all, war is rejuvenating, and journalism is the only métier in which you can remain an eternal adolescent - if you survive.
    • The latter, Minière should know a bit about - he studied film in Brussels for four years before settling on music as his métier.
    • Born in a family that has been into weaving for the last 75 years, Govardhan's métier is telia rumaal, a textile craft that earlier involved vegetable dye.
    • Their devotion to their métier, no matter how laborious and tedious it may seem at times, is touching.
    • And it lives in the designs of Issey Miyake, the playful visionary whose métier is making clothes.
    • Her approach to the métier was unorthodox - she and two female associates ran a brothel co-operative in an apartment on St-Urbain.
    • But, you know, it's also a superficial, ephemeral métier, suitable only for a marginalised freak - although I find it hard to imagine why everyone does not clamour to become a window dresser.
    • In his mercy and kindness he frequently does so, and frequently he gives me the grace to repent of the sins I have committed, but this is not his job, his métier.
    • With his mentor gone, Louis XV was finally, at the age of 32, obliged to quit the shadows and assume his métier of king.
    • I also seem to have a perpetual mild toothache, ever since my new dentist, a Romanian who obviously learned her métier under the Ceausescu regime, attempted to fill a molar as if she were loading a mortar.
    • Fortunately for him, his falling-out with Little Miss Drip coincided with the start of a week spent being an apprentice farrier - in effect, trying his chosen métier on for size to see if he actually likes it.