Translation of metric ton in Spanish:

metric ton

tonelada (métrica), n.


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    tonelada (métrica) feminine
    • The system was anchored with a weight of about 60 metric tons, according to news reports.
    • Shrimp landings in Sisimiut grew from under 1000 metric tons in 1975 to more than 8000 metric tons in 1988.
    • Cafta sugar exports to the US will grow from 110,000 metric tons to 200,000 tons immediately.
    • At roughly 250 kg each, the total weight of stone for the exterior construction equals 75 metric tons.
    • The maize harvest, which begins in April, was expected to be 1.9 million metric tonnes but this had now been reassessed at 1.5 million metric tonnes.
    • Over the past several years, illegal miners have produced 40,000 metric tons of tin ore per year, near equaling Timah's production.
    • During 1996, Met-Mex Penoles produced 166,000 metric tons of lead and 123,000 metric tons of zinc.
    • By 2001, the total had grown to 189 metric tons, and it's expected to reach 200 metric tons by the end of 2002.
    • By way of information, last year the Company imported into the Yemen 600,000 metric tonnes of wheat and 150,000 metric tonnes of sugar, making it the largest importer of those commodities into the Yemen.
    • One hundred and eighty-nine metric tons were seized in 2003.
    • He said Malawi needed an extra 144,000 metric tons of food on top of 300,000 tons expected to be imported from South Africa.
    • For aircraft of up to a five metric ton maximum takeoff weight, the standard landing fee is £149.89.
    • Each boat, manned by two or three fisherman, typically brings back a metric ton of squid every night.
    • The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has distributed more than 45 metric tonnes of improved seeds and 232 tons of fertiliser to farmers in the southern province of Urozgan.
    • One hundred metric tons would fit in a back yard swimming pool; five hundred could be hidden in a small warehouse.
    • In 1999 the West delivered less than half of the food promised for the year - 220,000 metric tonnes out of a total 463,000 metric tonnes pledged.
    • You put 7000 metric tonnes of polished faceted Granite two hundred miles up in geostationary orbit.
    • The US Department of Agriculture would donate 500 metric tonnes of corn oil and 1,500 metric tonnes of soybean oil, for use in Afghanistan, to Mercy Corps, a private voluntary organisation.
    • It is now relatively old and small, with a capacity to produce either 240,000 metric tons of paper pulp or 60,000 tons of rayon fibre a year.
    • U.S. exports of the edible seeds to China grew from 300 metric tons in 1995 to 10,000 tons in 1999.