Translation of metropolis in Spanish:


metrópoli(s), n.

Pronunciation /məˈtrɑp(ə)ləs//mɪˈtrɒp(ə)lɪs/

nounPlural metropolises

  • 1

    metrópoli(s) feminine
    • The city edged out the other 49 metropolises we surveyed because it's so easy to stay fit, eat healthy, and access natural therapies there.
    • I did not have high expectations about my trip before setting off because I thought Seoul would turn out to be a modern city comparable to other world metropolises without any special features.
    • The modern metropolis of Shanghai was once a small village facing the East China Sea.
    • As major metropolises and sites of colonial contestation, all five cities, including Paris, share similarly complex histories.
    • When you compare that great city to the other major metropolises of the world, how's London doing?
    • At one end it bleeds into the metropolis of Kansas City and at the other is farmland and small towns.
    • I had expected to escape the bustle of the metropolis and soak in the undisturbed beauty of nature.
    • Four thousand years ago Kerma, the capital of the kingdom of Kush, was a massive metropolis, the first in sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Lagado is the capital metropolis of Balnibari, the continent of the land of Laputa.
    • Ironically, the network which leads the girl away from her little village to the metropolis does not figure anywhere.
    • This has the look of an inner London borough on a bright Saturday, a feeling of a village within a huge metropolis.
    • He said that in other metropolises such as Tokyo, people living in suburban areas were still considered to be Tokyo residents.
    • The city formerly known as Saigon is a sprawling, bustling metropolis in the south of Vietnam.
    • A capitalist centre or metropolis with a number of colonies or areas of interests was thus the norm.
    • The trio crashed through the dangling remains, now in the rough suburbs of the metropolis.
    • City centers, especially in the nation's biggest metropolises, have become hosts to resurgent capital markets.
    • Located far away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, the choice of venue was well and truly acknowledged by all concerned.
    • They could have knock that sort of split but there does not seem to be one voice in favour of two county teams from the metropolis.
    • It may be that what happens in half a dozen great conurbations mirrors life in the metropolis.
    • The water supply and underground water systems in Taipei are outdated for the modern metropolis that is the nation's capital.