Translation of mew in Spanish:


maullido, n.

Pronunciation /mjuː//mju/


  • 1

    maullido masculine
    see also mews
    • Alana's mother placed it on Alana's lap and Alana thought she heard a small mew.
    • Then I heard the red-head chattering and the plaintive mew of the sapsucker.
    • As she walked, she heard a fleeting mew from Ruby, who seemed to be getting anxious.
    • The cat got off him and gave a little mew like a child guilty of stealing cookies.
    • The kitten in turn nibbled on my finger and looked at me with its striking blue eyes and gave a tiny mew.
    • A mew made me look sharply at him, and he laughed as the kitten peeked from the cargo pocket on his left pant leg.
    • There was a high-pitched mew, and one of the kitten's paws slashed up against the girl's right hand.
    • His answer was a soft mew from Fluffy, the cat at his feet.
    • Drake gave a mew, he was not to be forgotten here.
    • The mew of a hungry cat drifts pitifully from the nearby fish stall.
    • The kitten gave her a quizzical look but did not let out a mew.
    • A mew broke into Grace's thoughts, and she blinked down at the small kitten, who was attempting to make off with her fishnets.
    • The mystery at its heart is never very gripping, and the final twist seems both unnecessary and tame - a kitten's mew instead of a tiger's snarl.
    • It sounded like a faint mew of a kitten, but I wasn't really sure.
    • He responded with a friendly mew and then returned to his purring.
    • She grabbed him by the ankle, and he let out a small mew, jerked, and might have broken free if she had not tightened her grasp.
    • Its call is a soft mew that could be mistaken for a cat in distress.
    • I smiled softly and turned onto my back, remembering that Hope had been there only when she gave an annoyed mew and jumped off.
    • He's big now, but he has a faint purr, a tiny kitten peeping mew.
    • Looking over Brie's shoulder she let out a mew of disgust.

intransitive verb

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    • Walking into the living-room, my eyes scanned every item for clues, while the cat prowled through my legs and mewed in an effort to grab my attention.
    • An orange tabby cat poked its head out of the grass and mewed.
    • But then I go home and my kitten comes running out mewing and overwhelming my ankles with fuzzy friction until I pick it up.
    • Her fluffy white cat mewed and jumped onto the table.
    • When I found her as a kitten, she was sitting in a ditch mewing.
    • A lone cat mewed, and hid in the only home it would find in this section of town; a trash can.
    • A cat mewed, a baby cried, and something heavy fell and shattered.
    • And then suddenly, he was gone, the kitten mewing on my bed, looking slightly annoyed.
    • The next house had a collection of pickaninny dolls on shelves running the length of the living room, and a plump orange cat that blinked and mewed inquisitively as he passed.
    • Her cat mewed at her anxiously and snarled at Cameron, who snarled right back.
    • Rubbing against the woman's arm, the cat mewed impatiently.
    • The cat mewed again and immediately dropped down onto the sidewalk in front of the café's door for another roll-around.
    • The old surveillance cat mewed pitifully on the way.
    • Suddenly, I was back on the couch, a black cat was sitting on my chest mewing loudly; I was completely paralyzed and I couldn't speak.
    • That's because a cat began mewing from an alley nearby.
    • The kitten followed me, mewing at my heels, rubbing up against my ankles when I stopped in the doorway.
    • Luke is behind her with a cat rubbing his legs, mewing for food.
    • Gradually he opened his eyes and the cat mewed before jumping down and shaking its head drowsily.
    • The baby was found at 3am by a Spanish holidaymaker who thought he had heard a cat mewing.
    • As I'm pausing to take a few photographs of the black cat, I hear mewing and jingling and here's this second cat, climbing the front steps and posing with an attitude of ownership.