Translation of mezzanine in Spanish:


entresuelo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛzəniːn//ˈmɛtsəniːn//ˈmɛzəˌnin/


  • 1also mezzanine floor

    entresuelo masculine
    entrepiso masculine
    mezzanine feminine Latin America
    • The new block contains a new entrance at ground level and a mezzanine that projects over the entrance hall like a protruding tongue.
    • Situated on the steps leading from ground floor to the mezzanine, entitled Artist's Breath, the work is infused with pathos and mystery.
    • It's a light and breezy ground floor and mezzanine, not too clattery, doing brisk business on a weekday lunchtime.
    • His design retains the north and south brick facades of the old building and inserts the new structure of six main floors and three mezzanines within them.
    • The Science Centre has three 8m high floors, arranged with the possibility of inserting mezzanines inside the curved north facade.
    • The planned refurbishment would remove the mezzanine, an important part of the building's heritage significance
    • Steel girders have been used in its construction, which could allow for building of a second storey or mezzanine.
    • It measures 9x7m and houses two mezzanine floors once connected by a spiral staircase.
    • Above the wide steps, the next major level is an open mezzanine, also sharing the great window.
    • The accommodation briefly comprises ground floor lounge bar, first floor mezzanine area, second floor catering kitchen (with service lift to bar area).
    • The ground floor and mezzanine will be occupied by the society and the rest will be given over to other offices.
    • The two-story spaces with interior stairwells and mezzanines also act as vertical bridges between floors in the six-story towers.
    • The Malleswaram market in the new parking complex plan has a basement, ground floor, mezzanine, three floors and a terrace across 70,000 sq ft, as does the Seshadripuram market.
    • The third, fourth and fifth floors also have mezzanines.
    • The box has three sleeping areas: two at ground level and a bunk on a suspended mezzanine.
    • Here, the architects added a mezzanine to create an extra 27,000 square feet of floor space.
    • Elsewhere, concrete replaces rotten wood floors, window frames have been repaired, and a mezzanine was installed on the ground floor to expand exhibition space.
    • Presiding over the spacious Bar Red dance floor is the decadent ‘Gold Man’ statue, which greets you as you ascend the spiral staircase to the Red mezzanine floor.
    • The major structural change is the addition of a stair connecting the mezzanine to the upper level.
    • They are countering the space loss by inserting a mezzanine between the ground and first floors.
  • 2US

    platea alta feminine
    • I had a choice between back orchestra all the way on one side, and middle mezzanine.
    • We're going to meet on the left side of the mezzanine between the opening act and The Fiery Furnaces to meet James [Mercer, her cousin and lead singer of The Shins] and get backstage passes.
    • A $25 ticket earns a seat in the uppermost mezzanine, the floor set with chairs for the $250 people.
    • A balcony above the mezzanine displayed the porcelain, clothing, and other goods offered for sale.
    • Later I see the famous mad scene from the best seat in the house, perched atop a mezzanine in the Great Hall of Lammermoor Castle.
    • Three women peered over the banister of the mezzanine.
    • With good sightlines, a mezzanine and balcony that hovered over the action, and regularly scheduled doubleheaders, the Garden was a perfect venue for round-ball.
    • The first people in the theatre, they walked out - but after the first night, there were lines around the theatre, they sold out the mezzanine.