Translation of miaow in Spanish:


Pronunciation /mɪˈaʊ//miˈaʊ/

noun & intransitive verb

  • 1

    • Then it strikes him with astounding clarity that the reason the cat is miaowing and weaving around his legs is because it is hungry.
    • Four-year-old macaw Sid can miaow like a cat, bark like a dog and laugh like a drain… but maybe it was the swearing like a trooper that got him in a spot of bother.
    • Then again, there's those damn roommates, and that cat always meowing.
    • I suggested maybe a different sound like a meow or something.
    • He said that Digger meows when he wants something, not just for the hell of it.
    • It was simply that today's players want the cat, the skin, the fur and the miaow!
    • When he had finished he gave a couple of scornful meows and swatted the kitten hard enough to role him over a couple of times.
    • Her cat meowed as he got up and screeched at her feet and then walked over toward her.
    • A muffled kitten meow sounded from inside the backpack she wore.
    • Said Tim: ‘I had got in the car and was about to drive off when I heard a faint miaow.’
    • A fierce connection resulted and you could faintly hear cats meowing in the background.
    • When I got into bed, the cat meowed at me and came over and sat right next to me, leant up against my body and had a good purr.
    • The caracal waited for a second or two, then went to the kittens' hole and called with a soft meow and purr.
    • He clearly didn't have much real life experience of cats and insisted on giving us actorish miaows while the Cat was sneaking up on the Bird.
    • There was an alarm clock, too, in bright orange (a good start) with a kitten on the face (even better) that miaowed rather than rang to wake you up.
    • I've heard her meow, once, so she's capable of it.
    • It was wonderfully relaxing, except for the bit where the cats meowed all bloody night in the corridor.
    • However, Gizmo the kitten who miaowed loudly for attention, which assisted in their rescue, is fighting on and it is hoped he will make a full recovery.
    • We all stared in shock as the room became utterly quiet; the only sound left was a tiny meow coming from inside the tree.
    • But if we walk up to the box and open it to hear - let's hope - the loud miaow of a very puzzled cat, only then do we actually know that it has survived its uncertain ordeal.
    • The cat meowed piteously and followed her throughout the room.
    • The tenth cat had lost the ability to miaow through secondhand smoke and instead croaked through a voicebox, but to play it safe and not skew the results too favorably I decided to err on the side of caution and discount his vote.
    • But the Japanese have of course invented a collar that can translate barks and meows into English.
    • Even though he had to raise his voice to be heard over the cacophony of barks and meows and snarls, Al made sure his tone was scathing as he went on opening cages.
    • I yelled into the empty house, waiting for the meow and the poking of her little black head from around a door.
    • She gets grumpy at me when I wake her or move her when she's sleeping, and she meows at me, but because she's a kitten, her meow is far from impressive, and she sounds like she's been smoking.
    • When he finally did, they were thrilled at the new wholeness of their apartment - until they realized, from the pathetic sound of her muted meows, that he'd sealed their cat inside the wall.
    • I once bet a colleague $10 that she wouldn't be game enough to crawl through the Tax Commissioner's office miaowing like cat.
    • The male kitten, a grey tabby only ten weeks old, was heard miaowing from under the bonnet of a car which had just been driven from York to Carlisle and back - via Manchester.
    • One might benefit a cat by bringing her, kicking and miaowing, to the veterinarian's office for a procedure that restores functioning to her leg - even if the whole process entails some suffering.
    • I described how I'd had to climb up a steep and dangerous rock face to a thorny bramble bush on a narrow ledge, from where I could hear the cat meowing.
    • The cat started meowing pitifully outside the doctor's door.
    • Then, from the stairway, come two strange meows, and here is Tracey.
    • If you can make out a soft purr, or a meow, or maybe the gentle sound of milk being lapped up from a dish, do not assume that your ears are deceiving you.
    • The cat meowed and I bet she was wondering the same thing.
    • Even then if Lucy doesn't move, the cats start meowing at about the same time, which then sets off Zippy the parrot, but for some reason everyone had a lie in this morning.
    • We often have verbal conversations, although his dialogue consists mainly of miaows.
    • A cat will meow at you when it wants food or water.
    • Anyway, I decided to give this l'il pussy cat that I met recently a chance to let all my readers hear her plaintive meow.