Translation of middle class in Spanish:

middle class

clase media, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌmɪdl ˈklæs///


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    clase media feminine
    the upper/lower middle class la clase media alta/baja
    • Marriage in the Western sense was more likely to occur among the upper and middle classes.
    • A great many collectors from the upper aristocracy or rich middle classes called on her skill.
    • In every single sphere of British influence, the upper echleons of power in 2013 are held overwhelmingly by the privately educated or the affluent middle class.
    • Jobs are no longer guaranteed, even for the educated middle classes, and there is poverty right next to the opulent palaces of the rulers.
    • While a newly affluent middle class is growing, so are the ranks of the new poor.
    • The defeat of Austria by Prussia brought home to Napoleon the need to reconcile all classes, especially the educated middle classes, to the regime.
    • Inflation destabilized the middle classes, the only social group on whom the Liberals could rely for support.
    • They had been childhood sweethearts, both growing up in affluent middle class families in Lagos.
    • The republic was built on the petty bourgeoisie and the middle classes.
    • There was a rapidly growing urban middle class and signs of political openness from time to time.
    • There is less violence in the affluent middle class areas, where people are too busy getting on with their lives to re-fight old struggles.
    • The working classes and middle classes are now at the mercies of the regional land market.
    • It wasn't just the working and middle classes she failed to charm.
    • Distinctions can be drawn between the urban upper and urban middle classes.
    • However, I don't think that means only the middle classes are interested in social justice issues.
    • The site is decidedly apolitical, and betrays no overt signs of the ongoing tension between the increasingly reformist, secular-leaning educated middle class, and the fundamentalist ruling elite.
    • In the eighteenth century the outlook of some groups in the upper and middle classes began to evolve in a new direction.
    • I want the working class and the middle class and the upper class, and in Britain I've got it.
    • The war is an issue that the educated middle classes feel very profoundly about.
    • There was no large and mobile urban middle class with time and money to spend communing with nature in the national parks.



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    (district/family) de clase media
    (attitudes/morality) burgués
    (attitudes/morality) convencional