Translation of middle distance in Spanish:

middle distance

segundo plano, n.


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    (in picture, photo)
    segundo plano masculine
    • Keeping her eye on the middle distance, she tripped over a beggar and fell, bruising her knees and elbows against the pavement.
    • A buzzing whirr snakes around in the middle distance refusing to be pinned down by clipped beats that pierce the foreground like so many regimented arrows.
    • Slowly Jo looked away again, his vision fixing on the middle distance.
    • The pool house, heated and filled with water to the brimming edges and up to the base of the glazing, projects into the middle distance.
    • From that high place we saw in the middle distance the Washington Monument, and we saw, at the far end, the Lincoln Memorial.
    • But when I connected I had power - the ball would sail away into the middle distance.
    • In Berling's print we do not get a glimpse of Herod's henchmen in the middle distance, as we do in the engraving.
    • I don't know what she was thinking about, her brilliant green eyes vacant, focused somewhere in the middle distance.
    • Over her shoulder his eyes widened, looking into the middle distance.
    • Nearby, a middle aged woman stares vacantly into the middle distance as a young girl walks past on her way to the shops, where workers are unlocking doors and switching off alarms.
    • All of us sit with our chins in our hands at several moments during the evening, staring into the middle distance and imagining how things might have been, how they yet might be.
    • Smooth, deep brown eyes stared through some point in the middle distance.
    • But the wedding with its pedantic, rural nuptial dance winding along the landscape in middle distance with no visible musicians looks very twee.
    • It's a haunting shot of three male strangers standing into the middle distance of moored metallic freighters of Nineveh.
    • There are no gutsy square-jawed heroes and no military men staring into the middle distance thinking on the seriousness of war.
    • Moments later, she saw headlights in the middle distance and moved off the road, into the low hollow at the side, where she flicked off the torch and crouched low.
    • Bathed in an opalescent haze in the middle distance, they stand watch and wait their turn.
    • Interestingly though, his solo is kept in the middle distance with Harries and France dominating the foreground.
    • He scowled into the middle distance, and Edgar wondered if he shouldn't be taking this opportunity to dismiss himself.
    • He made his way through the gloom to the bar, where a man he presumed to be the bartender was staring dully into the middle distance.


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    (race/running) de medio fondo
    middle-distance runner mediofondista feminine