Translation of midnight blue in Spanish:

midnight blue

negro azulado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌmɪdˌnaɪt ˈblu///


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    (invariable adjective) negro azulado
    de color negro azulado
    the walls are midnight blue las paredes son negro azulado / de color negro azulado


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    negro azulado masculine
    • It was midnight blue and the sleeves and neckline were trimmed with white, and the material was glowing in the dim light.
    • Bizarrely, to my left, the sky was still midnight blue and twinkling with stars.
    • His clothes were finer, dark silks of black and midnight blue.
    • This one was a deeper shade of midnight blue with silver eyes and silver wings.
    • Colours focus on very pale naturals and mysterious darks such as midnight blue, espresso brown, black and dark purple.
    • It was a black so dark that it shone midnight blue in places the light reached and it ended half way down his back.
    • Her hair was very, very long and was a shade of midnight blue.
    • The patterns were midnight blue and swirled across her wings, changing and shifting as I stared.
    • He wore midnight blue, actually, so it wasn't true black, but it was close enough.
    • The road extended infinitely to the horizon, where the jet of night was beginning to be replaced by midnight blue.
    • The color of the dress made her blue eyes seem darker, almost midnight blue.
    • Grey and silver tones join ice and midnight blue to enhance every elegantly modern outfit.
    • She peered up at the sky once again, which was quickly turning to a tranquil shade of midnight blue.
    • While her eyes were midnight blue, the servant's were the blue of the pre-dawn sky.
    • He slowly approached her as he spoke, his eyes almost imperceptibly changing from black to midnight blue.
    • The florescence dimmed, and the entire world was shadowed in midnight blue.
    • She was a vision, in a satin gown of midnight blue with a matching bodice that had elegant white lace around the low cut top.
    • A cloak of midnight blue hung from a hook next to where the bow had been.
    • From fuchsia to deep purple, algae green, midnight blue and even contrasts the entire spectrum is on display.
    • The walls of the square room were painted midnight blue, with hues of silver and white furniture.