Translation of migrate in Spanish:


emigrar, v.

Pronunciation /mʌɪˈɡreɪt//ˈmʌɪɡreɪt//ˈmaɪˌɡreɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • In fall the birds migrate south, many of them to the Extremadura region in central Spain, where they winter in huge flocks.
    • In recent years genetic data has suggested that some male great white sharks migrate between South Africa and Australia.
    • Many native species migrate across the region, yet nobody can say for certain whether a 20m wide wildlife corridor is sufficient or inadequate for them.
    • All the previous birds have migrated independently after their first year.
    • To spawn, the fish migrate from large rivers and lakes into small streams.
    • The birds migrate to tropical forests for the winter.
    • These birds migrate from Mexico and, possibly, Central America to breed in the Chiricahua Mountains in the spring.
    • Magnetic cues, which help many bird species migrate, appear to be particularly important to Bobolinks.
    • In eastern North America, over two-thirds of breeding bird species migrate.
    • Similarly, heart rate, wingbeat frequency, and respiration of birds flying in wind tunnels can now be compared to that of birds migrating in the wild.
    • Many of the birds migrating through Washington are on their way to southern South America for the winter.
    • Many birds migrate, and many of the world's frogs, lizards, and snakes lie low during cooler periods of the year.
    • Eastern birds may migrate south, but western populations are more often altitudinal migrants, moving from the mountains into nearby lowlands in winter.
    • During the fall and spring, many birds migrate along the river valley, and the Kittatinny Ridge is an especially important migratory corridor for raptors.
    • The study suggests that birds migrating from Siberia to Alaska are unlikely to carry the virus and that few of those birds ultimately fly farther south.
    • In the fall, Bermuda is a rest stop for birds migrating from Canada to South America.
    • Washington birds appear to migrate east before turning south and migrating across the Gulf of Mexico.
    • During the harsh winter months, approximately 120 different species of bird migrate southwards.
    • In eastern Washington, most birds migrate south in the fall to locations throughout the southwestern United States and central Mexico.
    • Federal officials warn that the first case of bird flu could show up in the United States in the coming weeks or months as birds migrate from overseas.
  • 2

    (people) emigrar
    • Most residents are retired and many of their children have migrated to Australia.
    • Some people also migrated to cities like Managua.
    • Most of the farmers migrated to the area in the 1970s, following the paths opened by oil companies.
    • Over the past three months, tens of thousands of people have migrated to Gode, the largest town in the Ogaden area.
    • But, if they had migrated to Sweden or Norway, instead of Australia, their footprint would be far lighter.
    • We have noted that several students have migrated to the US on basketball scholarships.
    • Their children migrated to the cities and the parents had to fend for themselves.
    • Their women, who did not bind their feet, worked beside them in the fields and often tended the farms while their husbands migrated to the mines or to man ships, burn charcoal, or emigrate.
    • And they have poorer mental health than the people in the country they've migrated to.
    • In 1950 Ruth and her British husband George migrated to New Zealand.
    • His father's brother had migrated to Australia many years before and had established a successful fruit and vegetable farm at Ormistom near Cleveland.
    • His family migrated to India just before the partition in 1947.
    • Millions of people have migrated to our shores from just about every point on the globe, often to escape the physical danger and economic oppression of their own lands.
    • Many villages in the regency are devoid of young people as they have all migrated to Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya and other urban areas due to a lack of jobs at home.
    • For example, many people migrated to the United States in groups and settled in the same cities as the other members of the group.
    • In places where there is no water for farming, men migrate to urban areas in search of work leaving women behind to fend for the old, and the infirm and the children.
    • In recent years hundreds of thousands of rural people have migrated to the cities looking for jobs.
    • Second, some families have migrated to the rural backwaters of other states where farms could be purchased at much lower prices.
    • My family migrated to Australia from Scotland in 1970 when I was 7.
    • In the struggle to make ends meet, they had migrated to various parts of the country.

transitive verb


  • 1

    • When TMC went out of business, users had to migrate to different systems that had less sophisticated software as well as different hardware architecture.
    • Stalker realizes many users will be migrating from another system, such as an IMAP or POP server.
    • He added that MIS is seeing more demand from users wishing to migrate from Windows-based Web server to Unix-based systems because of security concerns.
    • Smaller software vendors in particular said they were unable to migrate applications to Linux, simply because they lack open source knowledge.
    • For many current DDS users, however, migrating to an MT-based system would be an excellent choice.
    • The market seems to approve: handset manufacturers including Nokia, Sendo and Sony Ericsson have said they will migrate their signing programs to Symbian Signed.
    • After all, StarOffice is free, and is more about getting computer users to migrate from Windows than anything else.
    • The interface was designed carefully so that it can be kept stable while migrating the application.
    • These days, every industry from pharmaceuticals to human resources has migrated their complex systems to the online environment.
    • And lo and behold, Oracle has a major U2 software house migrating all of its applications to Oracle.