There are 2 main translations of mild in Spanish

: mild1mild2


afable, adj.

Pronunciation /mʌɪld//maɪld/

adjectivemildest, milder

  • 1

    • 1.1(gentle)

      (person) afable
      (person) dulce
      (manner) suave
      (criticism/rebuke) suave
      (rebuke/criticism) leve
      (detergent/sedative) suave
      • That started back around month 2 of chemotherapy, and my oncologist had prescribed some mild sedatives to help in this regard.
      • Patients only need a mild sedative, and go home from the hospital the next day.
      • Every injury is unique and effects can range from mild to severe and disabling.
      • He set down his fork with an awful finality, a sign that had always heralded the start of an argument, but his voice was mild.
      • It's called multiple because many scattered areas of the brain and spinal cord may be affected and symptoms can be mild or severe and come and go unpredictably.
      • Hart explains that the gas acts as a mild analgesic and a sedative.
      • Like other forms of depression, the symptoms of SAD can be mild, severe, or anywhere in between.
      • The doctor can give a mild sedative or spray some anaesthetic on the back of your throat beforehand.
      • One moment he's bold, the next he's mild and gentle, then a wild child again.
      • He hasn't a charismatic figure or a flamboyant style, but he is definitely mild, modest and mellow.
      • Paracetomal is a relatively safe mild analgesic, with very few known side-effects.
      • His voice was mild, but his eyes were challenging.
      • In moderate poisoning, the symptoms listed for mild poisoning become more severe.
      • Most patients require only mild analgesics, such as acetaminophen, for the first several days after surgery.
      • His mild manner, gentle graciousness, and total dedication to mathematics leave an indelible impression on all who have gotten to know him.
      • The effects of hay fever can range from being quite mild to having serious effects on your normal daily life.
      • Because it may act as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system, some may classify caffeine as addictive.
      • Dr. Schafer uses a local anesthetic combined with a mild intravenous sedative before making an incision a few millimeters long under each arm.
      • Vieira delivers this so-strident assertion with so mild a voice.
      • The rest had reduced counts ranging from mild to severe.
      • It is a mild stimulant and is potentially addictive, but harmless.
      • These include staff working with thousands of children with mild and severe learning difficulties, including serious behavioural problems.
      • In the absence of key comparisons with mild corticosteroids, the clinical need for topical pimecrolimus is unclear.
      • The affected brain cells die and the parts of the body they control stop working properly, causing everything from brain damage, mild to severe paralysis, slurring of the speech and even death.
      • Clean the piercing 1 to 2 times daily using a mild liquid antimicrobial medicated soap.
      • Skincare specialists the world over know this, which is why while prescribing medicine for any skin problems, they use a mild tranquilizer containing drugs.
      • He was mild and gentle, and when he prayed in his dining room he shook and swayed, and kissed the prayerbook when he was done.
      • Patients with mild symptoms usually receive topical treatments while the more severe cases are treated with ultraviolet light three times a week.
      • Her gentle, good humoured and obliging nature, mild manner and unassuming disposition commended her to all fortunate enough to make her acquaintance.
      • In 20 percent of cases, mild flu-like symptoms are experienced.
      • The lameness might be mild or more severe, causing the bird to stop perching with the foot or stop using the limb.
      • Some analgesics combine both mild non-opioid drugs such as aspirin or paracetamol, with a small amount of opioid in a single tablet.
      • A man of mild and gentle disposition, he was a fine neighbour and good friend to all.
      • And yes, the feelings were still there, but very mild and gentle.
      • Cholera can be mild or even without symptoms, but a severe case can lead to death without immediate treatment.
      • The degree of dyslexia can range from mild to severe.
      • His voice was mild, but his cobalt eyes were ice.
      • His voice, which was always mild and gentle, suddenly became harsh.
      • For some it is the shock, for some it is spontaneity in a gentle and mild way.
      • Sure, vegetables have that pure, clean feel to them: thin, mild, gentle flavours that make you feel thin, mild, and gentle.
      • It can be serious or mild depending on your luck.
      • These symptoms can range from mild cases to severe ones, which could lead to death.
      • Alexander curbed his annoyance and continued in a calm, mild voice.
      • They no longer want to deal with you, they want to deal with the meek and mild mums and dads who will sit there and pretty much do what they're told.
      • This condition may be mild, severe, or even chronic.
      • General anesthesia is not needed, but you may be given a mild sedative to help you relax.
      • Visual impairment varies from mild to severe depending on the type of optic atrophy.
      • A range of ointments is available that contain local anaesthetics, mild astringents, or steroids.
      • The apparently mild exterior and the guileless blue eyes mask a single-minded determination to carve out a successful career.
      • Ann was a lady of gentle and mild disposition who was very well liked in the area.
      • Although his contemporaries describe him as a mild and gentle person, his addresses and essays say No!
      • Biopsies can be uncomfortable and you may be given a mild sedative or local anaesthetic.
      • Short bursts of a potent topical steroid is just as effective as prolonged use of a mild preparation for treating atopic eczema.
      • Far from being meek, mild and modest, librarians hide beneath their demure appearance hot and passionate personalities.
      • The disease sometimes produces mild flu-like symptoms but can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and kidney failure.
      • Entering the quiet room, a severe contrast to the mild roar outside, he approached the main desk and waited for the secretary to get off the phone.
      • Some women find that avoiding caffeine, sticking to a low salt diet, or taking aspirin or mild analgesics may help.
      • The patient experiences a decrease in vision that can be mild or severe depending on the amount of corneal tissue affected.

    • 1.2(not serious or potent)

      (form/attack) ligero
      (attack/form) leve
      a mild bout of influenza una gripe no muy fuerte

    • 1.3(slight)

      (discomfort) ligero
      (discomfort) leve
      it may cause some mild embarrassment puede resultar algo / ligeramente embarazoso
      • Looking up into his eyes, she saw a mixture of emotions ranging from mild irritation to sadness to fear to confusion.
      • Ketones can create a mild feeling of euphoria which is the high frequently associated with fasting.
      • From an emotional point of view, they may experience mild feelings, but never take the initiative to minimize or prevent the problem.
      • From mild irritation to intense rage, anger increases the heart rate and blood pressure.
      • They showed only mild interest in my presence - but no fear.
      • Another session examines ways to establish relaxation as our ‘default’ mode in preference to our customary states of stress and mild panic.
      • I strip everything down and look at it from every angle in order to find out why my response is mild annoyance or absolute rage.
      • Effects can range from mild feelings of stress and anxiety, to bouts of severe depression or even violent urges.
      • And just as different PC pests annoy people in different ways, so our reactions vary from mild annoyance to extreme anger.
      • The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of escape, and the mild satisfaction I get from ruining the occasional piece of furniture.
      • Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity, ranging from mild irritation to violent rage.
      • The technician's face was stuck between mild agitation and intense curiosity.
      • I stared at it for fifteen minutes in a state of mild alarm, wondering what it might say, or who it could be from.
      • Unfortunately, after uttering that word, most roll their eyes or curl their upper lip in mild disgust and just plain lose interest in the conversation.
      • My session produced little more than a mild feeling of relaxation, and a twenty minute burst of calm a few hours later was the only tangible effect.
      • In a mood of mild astonishment, I have to admit that the relationship lasted 30 years, perhaps more.
      • I am in a ‘sorting out mild irritations’ mood today.
      • There is an instant change from mild anger and heavy annoyance to startled astonishment and disbelief.
      • The pretty green eyes didn't hold a trace of disgust or annoyance, just mild interest and a spark of something close to fear.
      • She shook her head, pushing aside the mild feeling of the room spinning.

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    (climate) templado
    (climate) benigno
    (winter) no muy frío
    it's very mild today hoy no hace nada de frío
    • Tropical continental air is very dry and tends to bring very warm weather during the summer and unseasonably mild weather during the winter.
    • However, the mild weather during late winter and early spring has resulted in the early hatching of over-wintered Nematodirus eggs.
    • This mild climate can be attributed to several factors.
    • However, the mild weather did not persist, and bitter cold accompanied by severe storms characterized much of March and April.
    • During unusually mild winter weather and during the summer, the jet stream retreats northward into Canada.
    • For winter bloom (in mild climates), mix in plenty of calendula, pansies, primroses, or violas.
    • The climate is mild and humid throughout the year, with a dry and cold season from November to March.
    • This winter's mild weather has resulted in early army cutworm activity again this year.
    • This is because shallow ponds warm faster than deep lakes during the spurts of mild weather in February and early March.
    • October has come round again and the weather is still mild, with the cold snap we had last weekend coming as a shock.
    • Plants suffer most when warm / mild weather is suddenly replaced with cold.
    • The weather was mild to hot and humid, with partly cloudy to cloudy skies.
    • In May, weather is mild enough to begin planting tropicals (hibiscus, mandevilla).
    • Ireland doesn't have an extreme climate: the weather is normally mild throughout these winter months.
    • To control plant size and shape, prune in winter in mild climates.
    • In the Mediterranean region the weather is mild and rainy in the winter and dry and very hot in the summer.
    • Expect fireworks in what should be mild weather at game time in Kansas City.
    • The weather is mild - warm days, cool nights, and not much rain.
    • The temperate climate has mild to warm summers and cool winters.
    • The winter weather is unseasonably mild under blue sky.
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    (cheese/tobacco) suave
    a mild curry un curry no muy picante / fuerte
    • Traditionally a masaman curry is quite mild in its flavour.
    • With the beef came four dips: three were mayonnaise-based - flavoured with mustard, mild curry or lime - and a tomato salsa.
    • These onion adolescents add a mild onion flavor to food.
    • First comes a poached egg presented on a puff pastry shell, sitting atop a pool of mild tomato sauce.
    • We decided to let the chips fall as they may and not indicate our spiciness preference, and as it turned out, the food was mild for the most part.
    • The effect of the hot tea bag, and still-warm mug, is to take the chill off the milk - and impregnate it with a mild tea flavour.
    • The brat was cooked through and not greasy, but it tasted more like a mild sausage dog.
    • Miro's favorite food, the onions will be grilled over a fire of vine cuttings and accompanied by a mild sauce, a traditional Salsa Colorada.
    • When your appetite returns, eat mild foods such as rice, dry toast, or bananas.
    • The eatery serves spicy and mild vegetables and meats with tasty soft flat bread called injere.
    • Farmer's Cheese, Monterey Jack or a mild cheddar are suitable substitutes.
    • An appetizer of grilled polenta in tomato sauce was so mild that it was more like plain porridge than something meant to stimulate the appetite.
    • But I regret opting for the mild spice on my steak.
    • Go for long walks, avoid caffeine, and eat mild food.
    • Slow simmering of whole cloves in liquids such as stocks, soups and stews releases a mild garlic flavor.
    • This hit the spot for me and the mild cheese and spinach acted as a good foil to the punchy pesto and distinctive asparagus.
    • Shepherd's purse leaves, which have a mild mustard flavour, have been used as a green vegetable in many regions.
    • My favorite foods are mild chicken wings, fries, and turkey sandwiches.
    • Our pasta festival continued with a mound of linguine vongole, a mild tomato sauce simmered with garlic and shallots and peppered with pieces of clam.
    • This one had a good texture but there was a lingering chemical aftertaste to this mild cheese.

There are 2 main translations of mild in Spanish

: mild1mild2



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    (in UK)
    tipo de cerveza no muy fuerte
    • ‘It is very typically Manchester as it is a dark mild,’ he said.
    • They still brew a delicious dark mild which is one of my favourite drinks.