Translation of mile in Spanish:


milla, n.

Pronunciation /maɪl//mʌɪl/


  • 1

    (1.609 metros) milla feminine
    we walked for miles and miles anduvimos millas y millas
    • how many miles to the gallon? ¿cuántas millas por galón?
    • you could hear the explosion for miles around la explosión se oyó a varias millas a la redonda
    • that's miles away from here eso está lejísimos de aquí
    • we missed the target by miles / by a mile no estuvimos ni cerca de lograr nuestro objetivo
    • he's the best cook by a mile es con mucho el que mejor cocina
    • my bike's miles better than yours mi moto es cien mil veces mejor que la tuya
    • someone not a million miles from here alguien que yo conozco
    • I'd recognize that voice a mile off reconocería esa voz en cualquier sitio
    • They were surrounded by miles of forest, moose and black bear, and few people.
    • The guitar was the 20th century's most popular instrument by miles.
    • And that is still, in my opinion, the best American blog by miles.
    • Parents have been told their closure-hit school is not rural - although it is surrounded by miles of fields and there are no shops.
    • The US has the highest rates of incarceration in the civilized world, and I mean we hold the record by miles.
    • The deer taught her how to run, and keep running for miles at a steady pace.
    • It's my favourite album of the year by miles and miles.
    • Woods then bogeyed the ninth for the third time this week to see his lead cut to two after a wild second that missed the green by miles.
    • Apart from The West Wing, it's the best thing on television by miles and miles.
    • In winning their medals, the two Scotsmen moved British cycling onwards by miles.
    • Never mind that the VCD is an inferior video format and is separated by miles of digital excellence from the DVD.
    • Just stroll down Boca Chica Beach, a remote stretch of beach and dunes surrounded by miles of brush and cactus.
    • All afternoon I'd missed much bigger targets by miles!
    • Villages, let alone pubs, don't grow on trees in this part of the world: we simply took the wrong route and missed it by miles.
    • And for those who rarely venture South of the river - this beats every bar in West London by miles.
    • It missed the other man by miles, instead coming to rest beside Eric's desk.
    • These small dwellings, each separated by miles of forest, will provide nightly respite from the rain.
    • Readers would miss the bottom by miles if I were to proffer such advice.
    • And it wasn't a close win - it was a win by miles, so that was nice.
    • A part of him refused to entertain the notion that when he reached its edge, he would be confronted by miles of unrelenting desert sand.