Translation of militant in Spanish:


militante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪləd(ə)nt//ˈmɪlɪt(ə)nt/


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    • Health workers do not just need a more militant leadership, however, but an alternative political perspective.
    • I've been amusing myself with the idea of militant liberalism or liberal extremists.
    • But just because the ability to organise is so important to us, socialists are always the most militant defenders of democratic rights.
    • The key question for students was to turn to the working class and arm this militant movement with a conscious socialist orientation.
    • Ours is not a militant area, but support for the strike inside and outside the fire brigade remains high.
    • On yet further occasions, she seems to represent a new intellectual phenomenon: militant social democracy.
    • Communism has been replaced by equally totalistic and militant forms of nationalism and religious fundamentalism.
    • One theme touched on was how the most militant activists should organise.
    • Yet the impact of war soon made the munitions centres fertile ground for militant trade unionism and socialist agitation.
    • We need to build a network of activists that can build militant protests against war, and can also deliver solidarity with all the groups of workers fighting back.
    • It was successful in inflicting a massive defeat on the most militant sections of the working class.
    • He was very much the acceptable face of militant republicanism.
    • Once again, this stance expresses political passivity, this time dressed up in the garb of militant syndicalism.
    • The generals in turn used the opportunity to crack down on more militant opponents and stabilise the political situation.
    • The newspaper found that the three teenagers were not members of any militant organisation, nor was one of the older men.
    • She deserves to be recalled as someone who showed how militant working class women could be active in a world dominated by male trade unionists in the 1920s.
    • At the same time, Britain's bosses faced a very militant working class determined to defend their jobs, wages and conditions.
    • It wasn't just the militant offices that walked out.
    • The influx was to produce one of the state's most militant working class centres.
    • Some delegates expressed anger over their union leaders' failure to call national, militant action over both privatisation and low pay.


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    militante feminine
    • Some militants become active late in life, others at an early age.
    • An army spokeswoman said troops had caught up with another militant who had fled the scene of the attack and killed him.
    • Northern Ireland's most notorious Protestant militant is back in jail.
    • In the ensuing gun battle one foreign militant was killed.
    • During the raid, the troops captured another militant in the apartment.
    • In the ensuing gun battle one militant was shot dead while his accomplice managed to slip into the other side.