Translation of military in Spanish:


militar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪləˌtɛri//ˈmɪlɪt(ə)ri/


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    he has a military bearing tiene porte militar
    • he comes from a military family proviene de una familia de militares
    • with full military honors con todos los honores militares
    • to do military service hacer / prestar el servicio militar
    • The military patrols have been increased lately, so we are trying to avoid those areas.
    • He suffered from poor eyesight so he was not fit for military service during the war.
    • The difficulty here is that resource strength does not always lead to military victory.
    • As Guzman now says, a military crime is when a soldier deserts, or falls asleep on duty.
    • Men from the regiment gave military displays and demonstrated how to load muskets.
    • His success at a military level all but guaranteed the loyalty of his soldiers.
    • Confident in their military prowess, they preferred to try the arbitrament of war.
    • Under the clan system they were pressed into feudal military service by their clan chiefs.
    • His military expertise and amiability helped to keep the crusading army together.
    • Your task is that of a military tactician, who must guide a group of characters into battle.
    • In the current war, virtual warfare has become an explicit part of military strategy.
    • When land was held by feudal tenure, military service was due from a tenant to his lord.
    • Like the looming military campaign, few expect the legal fight to be short or easy.
    • Since it was reopened last week, the site has resembled a military base during wartime.
    • His concern was simply to bring his military service to a conclusion as quickly as possible.
    • Could it be that a trade association run by bankers would adopt a military strategy of its own?
    • This part of the country was also well represented in the other military services.
    • Some may argue that voicing opposition to war in a military town is somehow disrespectful.
    • There was very little formal structure by way of military rank in Viking armies.
    • The issue of military service did not matter to the same extent in Great Britain.


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    the military los militares
    • They are operated by civilians who don't have the first idea what the military is about.
    • I only distrust it in the sense that the military doesn't report to the people like it should.
    • Having set itself up to do so, it has nothing critical to say about war or the military.
    • The town had been taken by a rebel group and the military was trying to clear them out.
    • The regime itself used the military to achieve power and has long been aware of the danger it poses.
    • The town of Woolwich has been shaped by the presence of the military over hundreds of years.
    • Conservatives will probably whine about the film painting the military in a bad light.
    • We can't allow that to happen, and there are so many like me in the military who feel this way.
    • Are you suggesting that the military is the only reason that we have civil rights and freedoms?
    • My husband left home in February after eight years of inactive service to the military.
    • Although the coup was unsuccessful, it led to the assumption of power by the military.
    • It shows workers discussing what they should do as the military prepares for the coup.
    • These frequencies get filtered based on what the military deems is right and wrong.
    • They even got the military to finish the road because the workers were lazy and slow.
    • Since the demise of the Soviet Union many of us in the military have pondered what or who was our main enemy.
    • The largest problem in the Meiji system was the absence of any checks or balances on the military.
    • There is growing impatience in Washington at the failure of the military to capture him.
    • People now have a great deal of self confidence and we're not scared by the military.
    • The officers in the military had to be educated or this would never be achieved.
    • There was certainly no way they would maintain the proud traditions of the military.