Translation of military police in Spanish:

military police

policía militar, n.


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    policía militar feminine
    • There are several police forces, including internal security police, gendarmes, and military police.
    • Chris was in the military police, working in army barracks around the world, before coming to the Dales 11 years ago.
    • Military sources told The Observer last week that the Parachute Regiment commanders knew the military police were in the town.
    • It truly surprises me that military police are the same no matter where you go.
    • These allegations and others, which came to light during the investigations, have been referred to the military police.
    • The military police have those types of missions so they will continue to be used.
    • Many of the National Guardsmen are military police, or have engineering skills.
    • The U.S. military police work together with Bulgarian police and watch over the soldiers at all times.
    • It also calls for a shift in military forces from combat troops to civil affairs, military police and the like.
    • The military authorities also admitted that the military police were investigating other claims against soldiers.
    • Criminals do not seek, in the normal course of their activities, to close with and defeat military police.
    • But in many ways, the messy war of infantry, military police and intelligence has just begun.
    • The informant took this information to the US military police, who then informed the German police.
    • The burden of employment has thus fallen more and more on the National Guard and Army Reserve military police.
    • The military tried several times to enlist him, and he was indeed arrested or threatened with arrest several times by the military police.
    • The more we lower posted speed limits and hide our military police in bushes and behind Dumpsters, the safer we are.
    • External security support from military police simply was not available because of other missions.
    • The military now has three major special-operations units, one each in the army, the military police and the marine corps.
    • The protest was peaceful, although hundreds of riot and military police were deployed around the capital to control violence.
    • The battalion will include both air-defense Soldiers and military police.