Translation of militate in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪlɪteɪt//ˈmɪləˌteɪt/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    this problem militates against his chances of success este problema incide negativamente en sus posibilidades de éxito
    • this evidence militates against the conspiracy theory estas pruebas van en contra de / contradicen la teoría de una conspiración
    • it militates in favor of their victory es un factor a su favor
    • Two factors militate against quick adjustments.
    • Have the international community played a positive role or have they in fact militated against the development plans through the so called International Development Assistance agencies?
    • We will therefore next examine some impacts of the Shinkansen on Japanese society and discuss changing circumstances which militate against the original ambitious plan.
    • The example of Steele's drama suggests that the creation of new forms is readily possible, but that powerful traditions militate against too much change.
    • However, there are several factors in the present case which militate against any retroactive spousal support.
    • There are, however, powerful political forces that militate against any enduring settlement.
    • In fact, the words of section 118 militate against that.
    • There are some other small details militating against the jogging hypothesis.
    • These factors can militate against researching and introducing new technologies.
    • Further, there are in my judgment a number of factors which militate against the exercise of discretion to order an assessment.
    • There are other significant differences, which militate against any viable agreement.
    • The limitations discussed above, together with the shortness and simplicity of the musical phrases militate against any level of complexity of organisation of the musical material.
    • Yet despite calls for increased quality, there are institutional and economic factors that militate against it.
    • There were no special circumstances that would militate against prompt registration.
    • They note that smoking is a major health problem among forensic psychiatric inpatients, and that a range of factors militate against effective interventions.
    • There may also be factors which militate against the duty to give reasons.
    • Of course, several circumstances militated against that happening.
    • The problem with this cheerful notion is that circumstances militate against nature in the big city.
    • Unfortunately, however, several factors militate against the fulfillment of these possibilities in modern Islam.
    • Three facts, however, militate against this possibility.