Translation of militiaman in Spanish:


miliciano, n.

Pronunciation /məˈlɪʃəmən//mɪˈlɪʃəmən/

nounPlural militiamen

  • 1

    miliciano masculine
    • One of the problems, he noted, was that the militiamen were mediocre and undisciplined.
    • More than 160 militants and local militiamen have been captured, according to army sources.
    • Eight hundred militiamen and soldiers arrived from Montreal to fight.
    • The prisoners were also made to cook and wash for the militiamen, who are mostly from nomadic tribes and who travel by horse and camel.
    • The joint effort has led to the disarmament of about 20,000 militiamen.
    • These militiamen have not gone through any kind of training.
    • Ultimately, England committed about 80,000 men to this war, most of whom were militiamen.
    • Medics and militia commanders said the dead man was a militiaman but five of the injured were civilians.
    • Relatives of militiamen asked the provincial governor for arms.
    • Four soldiers and two opposition militiamen died in the bitter fighting.
    • The militiamen stood their ground, all ready in their own fighting formations atop the hill across the bridge.
    • Some of these militiamen were fresh from training in a US military base in Hungary.
    • Dry-mouthed and intoning our personal mantras and prayers, we made a final dash for the relative safety of the militiamen's quarters.
    • The British retreat to Boston was the high-water mark for American militiamen during the war.
    • Among the wounded were an army officer, an enlisted soldier, a pro-government militiaman and a villager.
    • Colonial militiamen often served under British commanders during the colonial wars.