Translation of milking in Spanish:


ordeño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪlkɪŋ/


  • 1

    ordeño masculine Spain
    ordeña feminine Latin America
    to do the milking ordeñar
    • before noun milking machine ordeñadora
    • milking parlor / (British) parlour corral de ordeño
    • He sat there for the longest time, just drinking his glass of milk.
    • Look for low-fat, fat-free or reduced-fat milk, buttermilk, cheeses, yogurt and sour cream.
    • A third of children drinking plain milk suffered from diarrhoea, compared to none of those supplemented with the probiotic.
    • Paul sat down on the couch and drank his glass of milk.
    • Lisa was sitting at the kitchen table, quietly drinking a glass of milk.
    • Keep in mind also that I use soy milk only in my coffee: on those rare occasions when I drink a glass of milk or eat a bowl of cereal, it's dairy skim.
    • It's therefore advisable to boil untreated milk before drinking it.
    • He, too, picked up his glass of milk and started to drink it.
    • They say you don't get enough calcium if you don't drink milk.
    • Add the heavy cream and milk, stirring continuously until smooth and velvety in consistency.
    • Ask what their favourite sandwich is and give them a small carton of milk or a yogurt drink as a treat.
    • One of my childhood babysitters used to tell me that I'd turn into chocolate milk if I drank too much of it.
    • He sat in the blue midnight and drank a glass of milk.
    • Lower-fat versions of milk. cottage cheese, and yogurt are valuable sources of proteins and fit easily into a daily diet.
    • As a boy he would not drink milk or eat eggs, though he could cook with both.
    • I drank a glass of milk before making a cheese, peanut butter and lettuce sandwich.
    • We have more than enough to make feta and soft goat cheeses, with milk left over for drinking and cooking.
    • Add the cream cheese and milk to the spinach mixture.
    • I shrugged and went down to the cafeteria, ordering a bagel, cream cheese and chocolate milk instead of the nauseating vegetarian soup.
    • Another important source of nutrition is milk in various forms such as fresh or sour milk, sour cream, buttermilk, whey, cheese, and butter.