Translation of milkman in Spanish:


lechero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪlkˌmæn//ˈmɪlkmən//ˈmɪlkmən/

nounPlural milkmen

  • 1

    lechero masculine
    • They buy oranges and squeeze them to fill containers with juice, which they then sell to milkmen and wholesalers.
    • Houses have been demolished and replaced with flats and it seems the era of when everyone got their milk from the milkman is slowly fading.
    • The milkman had been delivering and to his horror returned to see the float hurtling down the hill.
    • Particularly, the milkmen are able to impress upon the customers that the milk they bring is from a single cow or buffalo.
    • I often wonder how postmen, milkmen, window cleaners etc., cope with a call to nature.
    • Mr Smith is a milkman who was delivering to the premises.
    • The plaintiff was a 13-year-old child who had been employed by a milkman to help deliver milk from a van.
    • Your daily milk printout from your milkman is your eyes, ears and feet of your grassland management and feeding regime.
    • For years the milkman and postie kept an eye out for the most vulnerable residents on their rounds.
    • He had to get up at a ridiculously early hour, before the birds would start their morning song and before the milkman would deliver his pints.
    • There are hundreds of dogs on this estate and they are attacking the milkmen and the postmen.
    • A milkman carrying two cans of milk on a motor cycle lost balance and fell on his side on a flooded road.
    • They are known by their first names and are as familiar to their neighbours as postmen and milkmen are in Britain.
    • One milkman took to delivering his milk at night because the snow had been trampled flat.
    • Back then, the milkman wouldn't deliver the milk unless it was paid for in advance.
    • As long as you don't steal milk from the same house too often the milkman will probably get the blame for not delivering it.
    • But gone are the days when fresh milk was served at our doorstep with the milkman's knock at the door waking us up everyday.
    • The alarm was raised by two milkmen, who were out delivering milk in London Road when they spotted the fire.
    • A fearless milkman used his milk cart to ram into a robber's getaway car just minutes after being threatened with a gun.
    • Groups of these ever-restless and inquisitive birds have even been known to follow milkmen or wait for milk deliveries.