Translation of milky in Spanish:


lechoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪlki//ˈmɪlki/

adjectivemilkiest, milkier

  • 1

    (coffee/tea) con mucha leche
    a milky drink una bebida con leche
    • I think the curiously Italian milky coffee they call galao in Portugal just about qualifies.
    • His eyes are large, dark and warm, and he has a complexion the color of milky coffee.
    • After the collapse, I hastily bowed out and retired for a mug of hot, milky, sugary coffee.
    • Unfortunately, because I'm not used to drinking such milky beverages, I was an unaware victim of milk moustache.
    • Somalis offer a milky tea and burn incense to welcome visitors.
    • Less well known is ocrochka, a cold soup made of potatoes, egg, ham, green onion, dill and cucumber in a milky base.
    • In the early mornings he would stand in his dressing gown at the window, sipping a cup of milky coffee, while his valet ran his bath.
    • But at least my coffee was just how I like it: strong but milky.
    • I don't like weak, milky tea, but I'd drink it rather than complain.
    • To finish this festive breakfast, here is the sweet grape hearthbread, which is just as good to serve with rich milky coffee or a cup of tea.
    • There was a vague element of milky coffee to it but if the label had not so informed me I'd have failed to identify the flavour.
    • We squatted on the floor and scoffed and then washed it down with sweet milky tea.
    • Flopping down in the empty armchair with my milky coffee and half a bowl of cereal, I aligned the main problems in my head in the order I was going to tackle them in.
    • The kids got to school late and she hadn't even had time to make a cup of milky coffee.
    • Prepare one large mug of milky coffee and one smaller, stronger mugful, easy on the white stuff.
    • Nothing in the world tasted as good for breakfast as stolen rolls with some butter and jam and a mug of milky coffee.
    • It's milky and flavourful, with an unmistakable blue cheese taste that fades just enough after each spoonful to keep you digging in for more.
    • In terms of soups, both the borscht and the ocrochka, a cold milky concoction of potatoes, egg, ham, green onion, dill and cucumber, are delicious.
    • It's not milky or sweet like normal hot chocolate, it's dark and sultry.
    • Rows of high backed leatherette banquettes filled with happy shoppers smoking tabs and drinking frothy milky coffee.