Translation of millenarian in Spanish:


milenario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪlɪˈnɛːrɪən//ˌmɪləˈnɛriən/


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    • What realism cannot do is offer the same kind of millenarian hope that is the essential DNA of idealism.
    • It emphasized sin, regeneration, and grace, and had a mystical, millenarian content.
    • The celebration of the second millennium became now a millenarian goal in itself.
    • The author does not neglect the more exotic apocalyptic and millenarian episodes.
    • One only needs direct access to the Gospels unmediated by historical traditions and unencumbered by church doctrines to find there the paradigmatic model of a successful millenarian cult.
    • This is the more surprising given the many build-up signs anticipating much greater outbursts of millenarian fervor around the year 2000.
    • It foundered long before its appointed sixteen-month term because an aggressive minority within it tried to steer it towards an over-radical reform of the law and a millenarian rule of the saints.
    • The actions and ideas inspired by millenarian radicalism in the early Restoration drew reproach from many.
    • There has already been speculation from the apocalyptically inclined about how a Gibsonian reading of the Popol Vuh might dovetail with Christian millenarian prophecies of the End Times.
    • If the turn of the second millennium was not unlike the first in its lack of eschatological millenarian fervor, the end of the 20th century was much unlike the end of the 19th century.
    • All apocalyptic and millenarian ideologies ultimately converge on the utopian transformation of the body through suffering.