Translation of millionaire in Spanish:


millonario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪljəˌnɛr//mɪljəˈnɛː//ˌmɪljəˈnɛr/


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    millonario masculine
    (tennis star/author) (before noun) millonario
    (author/tennis star) (before noun) que gana millones
    he's a dollar millionaire es millonario en dólares
    • As boisterous entrepreneurs, now millionaires many times over, both enjoy the limelight a great deal.
    • I would like to know the percentage of politicians, in any country, who are millionaires.
    • There are still some countries in the world where you can become an instant millionaire.
    • The area borders the Dales and already has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires in the country.
    • I saw everyone from actors and actresses to businessmen to millionaires to random groupies.
    • Working in the new media industry has gone from the fastest way to become a millionaire to the fastest way to be unemployed.
    • More recently, it's been a case of millionaires striking against billionaires.
    • Along with some of the big names in the music industry, you also get a chance to become a millionaire.
    • Four years later he found himself both a millionaire and embroiled in the ugliest of financial scandals.
    • The Senate roll call features the names of more millionaires than many country clubs.
    • I've seen millionaires give less than a thousand dollars at fundraising dinners.
    • Her clientele do not need to be millionaires, although many are.
    • I just wish he wasn't one of those millionaires who wants to keep my taxes as high as possible.
    • The telecoms, software and property millionaires are all around us and have raised the lifestyle bar.
    • Are you more likely to become one of the growing number of Irish millionaires or a financial basket case?
    • And they have been hired as public servants to run the company, not become millionaires.
    • Most of these movies don't turn their producers into overnight millionaires.
    • Contrast this to the United states where there are a million-plus millionaires.
    • It turns out that the bulk of the world's millionaires, for example, are surprisingly frugal.
    • The stock markets are probably not littered with billionaires or even millionaires among private investors.