Translation of millstone in Spanish:


muela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪlˌstoʊn//ˈmɪlstəʊn/


  • 1

    muela feminine
    piedra de molino feminine
    rueda de molino feminine
    to be (like) a millstone around sb's neck ser una cruz / una carga para algn
    • That is a huge millstone around students' necks.
    • And of course one of the last times a political leader ventured boldly into the territory, his words became a millstone around his neck.
    • I felt like a millstone round her neck, her own health problems taking a back seat to my own.
    • Can anyone tell me if, when and how the millstone of debt is to be removed from the club's neck?
    • You tend to get weighed down by historical millstones and the burdens of guilt that come with, as one of our other young novelists notes, ‘not wanting to write about cottages and sheep’.
    • How well they cope will determine whether one of cricket's heaviest millstones can finally be removed.
    • But now these have become millstones round the necks of the companies running them because of their large exposure to equities.
    • He regarded Holmes as a millstone round his neck, preferring to research and write historical fiction.
    • The obstacles that he found in his path did not prove to be millstones around his neck, but rather milestones on his road to fame.
    • I'd like to see computers that felt like ornaments in our homes rather than millstones round our necks.
    • I think that what one could say is that that reference has become a bit of a millstone around the neck of this Parliament.
    • His target of eight golds was arguably a millstone around his neck.
    • By now, surely, having to explain and defend transvestism must be something of a millstone.
    • His millstone is that he seems destined to explain until the end of his days who he really is: neither posh nor a snob.
    • But the fact is some manses can be a real millstone, because you have got to pay for heating and lighting out of your own stipend.
    • The house is lovely but it's a millstone round your neck if you can't make enough money to redecorate it.
    • Life is too short and stressful as it is to keep an ever-increasing collection of millstones around our necks.
    • Now there are fears that the building near Victoria Station could become a financial millstone for the city.
    • This external debt has turned into a millstone because it has to be repaid.
    • Sadly, it is often the case that students emerge under a mountain of sour loans, which prove a millstone for much of their early working life.