Translation of mime in Spanish:


mímica, n.

Pronunciation /maɪm//mʌɪm/


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    mímica feminine
    • The ‘provocative and powerful’ show combines humour, spectacle, character comedy and mime on September 26 - October 1.
    • He was the outsider who was on intimate terms with them, communicating through comic mime with expressions and gestures that became a well known code.
    • Her pupils learn all about camera work, have step-by-step vocal exercises, discover how to create new characters, find out all about movement, mime and script work and are also taught all about audition techniques.
    • It offers workshops providing acting skills, voice, movement, mime, improvisation, text reading, stagecraft, character development and confidence building.
    • He did not undergo any special studies in mime or movement.
    • Her vocabulary was composed of simple runs, skips, and jumps; large, expressive gestures and playful mime.
    • McColl's delightful monologue is the most well integrated of the five, assisted by physical theatre and mime.
    • Sometimes she added her own witty mime to the words or pulled a funny face to make us laugh, and we did laugh.
    • Backyard Theatre Company provides training for acting, mime and improvisation, scriptwriting, filmmaking and community drama.
    • Go along to see a variety of dance including contemporary, hip hop, cabaret, physical theatre, salsa, mime and physical character.
    • Improvisational mime and innovative physical theatre tell the story of a dysfunctional family living outside the law.
    • Contrary to popular misconception, it is not a collection of gestures or mime.
    • All aspects of the theatre will be covered including games, improvisation, script, mime, physical theatre and clowning.
    • He muffed a few steps in his solo, but for most of the ballet delivered well the extraordinary combination of modern technique, mime and classical choreography.
    • He uses mime, movement, acrobatics and text in a very literate way.
    • A training system needs to integrate technique, style, mime, acting, character dancing, and historical dance.
    • Lose yourself at the Wits Theatre in Braamfontein, where Just In Time interweaves mime and movement, and illusion and the surreal take centre stage.
    • She trained in mime and physical theatre, acted on stage and on TV, and ran theatres in Islington and St Catherine's Docks before seeing the job at Jacksons Lane advertised.
    • Their easy, unforced use of gesture breathes life into mime, making it an extension of speech.
    • Her storytelling manner is highly stylised and she uses elements of mime in her movements.
  • 2also mime artist

    mimo feminine
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    pantomima feminine
    • Their attack on George, a 58 year-old United Church minister who was performing a mime, was totally uncalled for, and seemed to be designed to provoke an angry reaction from a peaceful crowd.
    • Any series that can combine absinthe, mannequins, mimes, and beheadings and pull it off is okay in my book.
    • But after a point, blogging without writing gets to be like the electronic equivalent of street miming, and we all know how lame and annoying street mimes can get.
    • The crowd were then treated to a mime performed by pupils of 3rd class.
    • Martin Rowland and Colm Grealis performed wonders in a mime about a visit to the dreaded dentist.
    • With a cast of 66, lots of music and humour, the mime is produced by Aysha Rau and directed by Aparna Gopinath.
    • Anyone who wanted to take part in any way, be it dancing, singing, telling an impromptu story or doing a mime, was given the opportunity to perform.
    • They cleared the floor and treated the crowd to a mime and dance routine that had us all in stitches.
    • On the night of January 27 there will be a two-hour multi cultural performance of drama, songs, dances and mimes.
    • The school won for performing a street mime showing God's wonderful creation of trees and flowers, butterflies, lady-birds, and insects of all kinds enjoying a clean environment.
    • The mime in Act 1 looked foreshortened - but I'm used to the Peter Wright version which makes much of it.
    • A six-member troupe of students presented a mime based on unemployment problems of the youth as well as on issues such as dowry and corruption in various Government departments.
    • Her majesty also watched a mime and street dance performance from students at Welling School on the theme of life as a teenager.
    • Remembered primarily as a pastoral poet, he was in fact a most versatile writer, and a bridal hymn, a panegyric, and a mime describing two middle-class women at a showy religious ceremony are among his best pieces.

transitive verb

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    hacer la mímica de

intransitive verb

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    hacer la mímica