Translation of mind in Spanish:


mente, n.

Pronunciation /mʌɪnd//maɪnd/


  • 1

    • 1.1Psychology

      mente feminine
      the unconscious mind el inconsciente
      • with an open/a closed mind sin/con ideas preconcebidas
      • to keep an open mind on sth mantener una mentalidad abierta / no cerrarse frente a algo
      • to have a logical/trained mind tener una mente lógica/disciplinada
      • this is the work of a warped/sick mind esto es obra de una mente retorcida/enfermiza
      • I'm convinced in my own mind that ... yo estoy plenamente convencido de que ...
      • I knew at the back of my mind that ... en el fondo yo sabía que ...
      • I had something in the back of my mind I wanted to tell you había algo que quería decirte
      • I tried to push it to the back of my mind traté de no pensar en ello
      • to bear / keep sth/sb in mind tener presente algo/a algn
      • to bring / call sth to mind
      • this case brings to mind another incident este caso (nos) recuerda otro incidente
      • to come to mind
      • nothing in particular comes to mind no recuerdo / no se me ocurre nada en particular
      • to have sth/sb in mind tener algo/a algn en mente
      • what type of coat did you have in mind, sir? ¿qué tipo de abrigo buscaba / tenía en mente el señor?
      • I had him in mind for that job lo estaba considerando / lo tenía en mente para ese puesto
      • with that in mind pensando en eso
      • I had it in mind to ask you pensaba / tenía pensado preguntarte
      • to have sth on one's mind
      • I can't relax with that on my mind no puedo relajarme con eso dándome vueltas en la cabeza
      • what's on your mind? ¿qué es lo que te preocupa?
      • to broaden one's mind ampliar sus (/ mis etc. ) horizontes
      • to picture sth in one's mind imaginarse algo
      • to prey / weigh on sb's mind
      • it's been preying / weighing on my mind me ha estado preocupando
      • I'll do it myself, if that'll put your mind at rest lo haré yo misma, si con eso te tranquilizas / te quedas tranquilo
      • put it out of your mind! ¡no pienses más en eso!
      • to put sb in mind of sth recordarle algo a algn
      • I can see her now in my mind's eye es como si la estuviera viendo
      • you're not ill: it's all in the mind no estás enfermo, es pura sugestión
      • I went through the details in my mind repasé mentalmente los detalles
      • he's still associated in the minds of many people with horse racing mucha gente todavía lo asocia con las carreras de caballos
      • the thought keeps running through my mind la idea sigue dándome vueltas en la cabeza
      • I can't get him/the thought out of my mind no puedo quitármelo de la cabeza
      • it never crossed my mind that ... ni se me ocurrió pensar que ...
      • to take a load / weight off sb's mind quitarle a algn un peso de encima
      • great minds think alike los genios pensamos igual
      • My mind, your mind, and the minds of every other conscious being are particular, limited manifestations of this universal mind.
      • He said it might be that the mind or consciousness is independent of the brain.
      • If they are right, postulated processes that do not bear this relation to our experiential lives cannot be going on in our minds.
      • Cartesian dualism is, of course, traditionally associated with the view that animals lack minds.
      • We tend to suppose that our conscious mind is in control most of the time.
      • A question often on the minds of Cognitive Neuroscientists these days concerns the relation between perception and action.
      • This municipal resistance movement heralds a new growing consciousness in the minds of many Americans.
      • All consciousness and intentionality is in the minds of individuals.
      • However, I believe nightmares are a gift of our subconscious to our conscious minds.
      • I had no idea of the thoughts running through his mind or the feelings building up in him.
      • All consciousness is in individual minds, in individual brains.
      • But does the apparent fact that they don't mind settle the question in your mind?
      • Dreams are highly personal communications between the subconscious and the conscious minds.
      • The more people learn such skills, they more they develop an infrastructure for creativity in their own minds and in interpersonal and group relations.
      • Live bodies have minds, and minds affect physiology.
      • For example, the agency instituting repression must be derived from the ego, the conscious part of the mind.
      • Our experience of how human minds work provides an analogy to how a primeval, creator mind probably worked.
      • In her view, the mind is autonomous - we are agents in our thinking and determine our own thoughts.
      • What we can do is flow with them and see what happens in our bodies and minds… but be aware that by the time you sense it you've already transformed it into something else.
      • The product of aeons of evolution has enabled our minds to model the world around us based on the information gathered by our senses.

    • 1.2(mentality)

      mentalidad feminine
      the criminal/bureaucratic mind la mentalidad de un criminal/burócrata
      • Added to that, there are still gaps in our knowledge of the way the criminal mind works.
      • David Cameron and his resurgent Conservatives now threaten to bring about a very different form of climate change to that which has preoccupied Liberal minds in recent years.
      • He is one of the country's leading experts on sex offenders, a man who has spent the past two decades delving into the warped minds of killers such as Robert Black and Fred West.
      • I don't think a daughter of mine should be influenced by such perverse minds.
      • All my time involved in this case he never struck me as having a criminal mind.
      • Once can see the dim logic at work in their bureaucratic minds.
      • My warped little mind says they are all actors in the adult film business following a script.
      • So he heads to foreign lands, to study the mysteries of the criminal mind, and ends up in a Bhutanese prison.
      • Step inside, then and see for yourself the world of prisons and their guests, the working of the criminal and not so criminal minds.
      • Only criminal or totally ignorant minds can have sympathy for those who steal the people's money - in fact their own money as well.
      • He reveals not only a wealth of detail about the individual fate of Gypsies, but also reminds us of the brutal methods and criminal minds of the Nazis.
      • Maybe she was only good at understanding criminal minds.

    • 1.3Philosophy

      espíritu masculine
      it's a question of mind over matter es cuestión de voluntad
      • a victory of mind over matter una victoria del espíritu sobre la materia / la carne

  • 2

    her mind wandered divagaba
    • my mind was on other things tenía la cabeza en otras cosas
    • to keep one's mind on sth concentrarse en algo
    • to put one's mind to sth
    • he can be quite charming if he puts his mind to it cuando quiere / cuando se lo propone, es un verdadero encanto
    • I put my mind to finding the best solution me concentré en / me propuse encontrar la mejor solución
    • he needs something to take his mind off it necesita algo que lo distraiga
    • it slipped my mind se me olvidó
  • 3

    • 3.1(opinion)

      to change one's mind cambiar de opinión / de parecer / de idea
      • I've changed my mind about him he cambiado de opinión sobre él
      • to make up one's mind decidirse
      • make your mind up! ¡decídete!
      • she made up her mind to leave decidió irse
      • my mind's made up lo he decidido
      • I can't make up my mind what to wear no sé qué ponerme
      • he spoke his mind dijo lo que pensaba
      • to be of the same mind tener la misma opinión
      • to my mind a mi parecer
      • to be in / of two minds about sth estar indeciso respecto a algo

    • 3.2(will, intention)

      he has a mind of his own (he knows his own mind) sabe muy bien lo que quiere
      • this machine seems to have a mind of its own! ¡parece que esta máquina estuviera embrujada!
      • to have a mind to + inf
      • when he has a mind to cuando quiere
      • I've a good mind to complain to the manager tengo ganas de ir a quejarme al gerente
      • I've half a mind to tell her myself casi estoy por decírselo / casi se lo diría yo mismo
      • she certainly knows her own mind ciertamente sabe lo que quiere

  • 4

    (mental faculties)
    juicio masculine
    razón feminine
    to be of sound mind estar en pleno uso de sus (/ mis etc. ) facultades (mentales) formal
    • to lose one's mind (mentally, become distraught) enloquecerse
    • to be/go out of one's mind estar/volverse loco
    • you must be out of your mind! ¡tú debes (de) estar loco!
    • to drive sb out of her/his mind volver loco a algn
    • no one in her/his right mind ... nadie en su sano juicio / en sus cabales ...
    • to be smashed out of one's mind estar completamente borracho
    • to be stoned out of one's mind estar trabado
    • to blow sb's mind alucinar a algn
  • 5

    mente feminine
    cabeza feminine
    cerebro masculine
    • The creative minds behind building designs across York and North Yorkshire were celebrating today after scooping an armful of gongs for architectural excellence.
    • Suspicious minds can wonder if that was the strategic intent.
    • In the competition for the minds that produce intellectual capital, they are at a distinct disadvantage.
    • We need keen intellects and educated minds to weigh decisions that could mean life or death to millions and dictate the unforeseeable future.
    • These are a few of the big ideas being vigorously researched and heatedly discussed by some of the brightest minds in academe.
    • Taken together, these two benefits will enable millions of minds to work together far more effectively than ever before.
    • This loss of sharp and influential minds has left the physical and social sciences in a poorer state than they need be.
    • Child-Ich aims to focus young minds on achieving goals and developing more positive mental attitudes.
    • On July 1, 2003, the faculty at the University of Waterloo will be joined by one of Canada's leading academics and brightest minds.
    • The idea is to move the brightest minds in academia temporarily into these ‘lablets’ and focus on long-term projects.
    • Such an environment, Laflamme said, will attract leading minds in theoretical physics.
    • They're not exactly the brightest minds in the ‘intelligence’ biz, are they?
    • I'll leave that to the great intellectual minds to figure out.
    • I'd love to get the bright minds of the game together for a symposium to identify parts of the rulebook we can do without.
    • It's safe to imagine that optimistic minds at Sun are hoping for an even larger share of the x86 market than their partner estimates indicate.
    • The idea of life long learning has always attracted the attention of outstanding minds.
    • Parents and teachers can play a vital role in bringing a social consciousness to young minds.
    • The roar of the waves stirred many an emotion in the young minds and that childhood romance with the ocean led to the birth of some adventurism in them.
    • When he launched into a diatribe about the influence of romance books on impressionable minds, one female member of the audience had had enough.
    • It's not confined to the books concentrating on improving young minds, bodies and spirits which are disappearing off the shelves.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (look after)
    (children) cuidar
    (children) cuidar de
    (seat/place) guardar
    (place/seat) cuidar
    (shop/office) atender
  • 2

    (be careful about)
    you'd better mind your temper! ¡más vale que controles ese genio!
    • mind your head! ¡ojo / cuidado con la cabeza!
    • mind the step cuidado con el escalón
    • mind yourself! ¡ojo!
    • mind how you go! vete con cuidado
    • mind what you're doing! ¡cuidado con lo que haces!
    • mind (that) you don't forget! procura no olvidarte
    • I'll tidy up afterwards — mind you do! después ordeno todo — ¡que no se te olvide!
  • 3

    (concern oneself about)
    preocuparse por
    never mind him! ¡no le hagas caso!
    • don't mind me hagan como si yo no estuviera
    • never you mind where I've been! ¡a ti qué te importa dónde he estado!
    • never mind your racket: what about my head! tanta preocupación por tu raqueta ¿y mi cabeza, qué?
  • 4

    never mind no importa
    • we didn't break even, never mind make a profit ni siquiera cubrimos los gastos, ni hablar pues de ganancias
    • he didn't finish one wall, never mind the room! ¡qué va a terminar la habitación, si ni siquiera acabó una pared!
    • it isn't enough for a beer, never mind champagne no alcanza ni para una cerveza, cuanto menos champán
  • 5

    (object to)
    I don't mind the noise/cold no me molesta / no me importa el ruido/frío
    • I don't mind him, but I can't stand her él no me disgusta, pero a ella no la soporto
    • I wouldn't mind a drink no me vendría mal un trago
    • I don't mind what you do/who you ask! me da igual / me da lo mismo lo que hagas/a quién le preguntes
    • to mind -ing
    • to mind sb/sth -ing , to mind sb's/sth's -ing
    • would you mind sitting here/waiting? siéntese aquí/espere, por favor
    • are you sure she won't mind driving us home? ¿estás seguro de que no le va a importar llevarnos a casa en coche?
    • do you mind me / my asking why? ¿le importa si le pregunto por qué?
    • that's nonsense, if you don't mind me saying so si me permites, eso es una estupidez
    • she doesn't mind her colleagues knowing no le importa que sus colegas lo sepan

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (take care)
    mind! ¡cuidado!
  • 2

    (concern oneself)
    never mind no importa
    • never mind about that no te preocupes (/ no se preocupen etc. ) por eso
    • what did she say? — never you mind! ¿qué dijo? — ¡(a ti) qué te importa!
  • 3

    I don't mind me da igual / lo mismo
    • don't worry, he won't mind no te preocupes, no se molestará / no le importará
    • do you mind if I open the window? ¿le importa / le molesta si abro la ventana?
    • would you mind if I asked you a question? ¿le importaría que le hiciera una pregunta?
    • have another one — I don't mind if I do! tómate otro — hombre, no te diría que no
    • I'll sit here if you don't mind si no le importa / si no hay inconveniente me siento aquí
    • (expressing indignation) do you mind if I smoke? — yes, I do mind! ¿te importa si fumo? — ¡sí que me importa!
    • (expressing indignation) do you mind! ¡hágame el favor!
  • 4

    (take note)
    I don't agree with her, mind! que conste que no estoy de acuerdo con ella
    • I could be wrong, mind pero quizás esté equivocado
    • I'm not promising, mind! mira que no te lo prometo ¿eh?
    • he's very generous; mind you , he can afford to be! es muy generoso; pero claro, puede permitírselo