Translation of minelayer in Spanish:


minador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪnleɪə//ˈmaɪnˌleɪər/


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    minador masculine
    • Six minelayers were equally effective as torpedo boats.
    • U.S. losses included 2,403 killed and 1,178 wounded as well as 187 aircraft, 8 battleships, 3 cruisers, 3 destroyers, 2 auxiliary craft, a minelayer, and a target ship.
    • A minelayer and ex-battleship were sunk and three destroyers were wrecked in dry-dock.
    • Navy Romanian naval forces in the Black Sea consisted of four Italian-built destroyers, four torpedo boats, three submarines, three minelayers, one submarine depot ship, three gunboats, and one training ship.
    • M3 was converted into a minelayer and later scrapped in the 1930s.
    • In completely blacked-out underwater conditions, two divers conducted a tactile search to locate a sunken Iraqi minelayer with her deadly load.
    • The Pinsk Military Flotilla had 31 launches, seven monitors, a minelayer, four gunboats, an air squadron of 10 planes, an antiaircraft artillery battalion of 18 guns and a marine infantry platoon.
    • Afterwards, she was converted to a minelayer with 80 standard mines; but catching a trim on diving was dodgy while the huge mine-casing slowly flooded.
    • Rapid ditching machines; artillery, rocket, and air-delivered mines; and ground minelayers are available on world markets.
    • The first ships hit were the cruisers USS Helena and USS Raleigh, the battleships USS Oklahoma and USS Utah, and the minelayer USS Olgala.
    • It's true that it all gets very silty when a few divers descend on the Port Napier, and it can be dangerous if penetrated, but there really is no need to enter this impressive minelayer, as it is beautiful viewed from a distance.
    • He had arrived on Malta in June 1942 as a 21-year-old aboard the fast minelayer HMS Welshman, having taken up a commission in the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.
    • At Glory, the first Remorhaz minelayer was launched, the RSS Eos.
    • In the first attack, they were able to destroy a Rage minelayer, the four defense satellites, and an orbital shipyard.
    • Using two barges, The Wimbrown VII and the Hercules as their operating Bases, SEALs patrolled the sea searching for minelayers thought to be illegally mining the local waters.
    • Police said she surfaced ‘in distress’ from the 40-metre dive to explore the wreck of the Second World War minelayer Cotavia.
    • The ship was converted for use as a minelayer before the outbreak of World War II and took part in the King's Review of the Fleet at Weymouth in August 1939.
    • ‘During an operation, one of the mines became dislodged and another diver was pinned between the mine and the hull of the minelayer,’ the citation continued.
    • The Taiwanese navy could acquire new fleets of the most advanced diesel/electric submarines, minesweepers and minelayers and waves of high-speed torpedo boats.
    • These points can then be used to call in air strikes, recon helicopters, fixed artillery, minelayers, sensor probes, and the two very handy ones, repair trucks and salvage craft.