Translation of mineralogy in Spanish:


mineralogía, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪnəˈrɑlədʒi//ˌmɪnəˈrælədʒi//mɪnəˈralədʒi/


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    mineralogía feminine
    • Stereochemistry is also important in geology, especially mineralogy, with dealing with silicon based geochemistry.
    • He encouraged many young people to pursue mineralogy as a hobby.
    • As for minerals, stunning displays of China's most recent contributions to the world of mineralogy will be there.
    • In his research, Dunn found a new mineral that he named wroewolfeite, after his professor of mineralogy.
    • Liebig was dismayed that ‘without a thorough knowledge of physics and chemistry, even without mineralogy, a man may be a great geologist in England’.
    • The axiom that ‘simplicity is elegance’ applies to the science of mineralogy as well.
    • One has to remember that France was the cradle of modern mineralogy, and many scientists of these times published their observations.
    • This mineralogy is consistent with derivation from granitic or acidic high-grade metamorphic rocks.
    • If not for some fortuitous timing, mineralogy would be without the current knowledge of blatonite.
    • Following the war, Sinkankas renewed his interest in mineralogy and gemology.
    • I have tried to cover the basic geology and mineralogy of the district and hit a few of the district's highlights.
    • He made fundamental contributions to mining geology and metallurgy, mineralogy, structural geology, and paleontology.
    • He was a true scholar, with interests in mineralogy, physics, natural history, chemistry, mathematics, and languages.
    • These differences in age and regional distribution, together with those in chemistry and mineralogy, suggest two separate magmatic regimes.
    • It was at this time that he took a course in geology, and from that time on he was as interested in mineralogy as he was in fish and game biology.
    • The extensive exhibition incorporates biology, gemology, anthropology, mineralogy, and ecology.
    • A tribute to him, including a summary of his many contributions to the field of mineralogy, appears in this issue.
    • In any case, the contributions of Ibn Sina to several aspects of geology and mineralogy are significant in the history of these sciences.
    • Renato's interest in mineralogy started in 1950, at age twelve, when he was living in Genoa.
    • Frondel thus committed himself to a career in descriptive mineralogy.