Translation of minging in Spanish:


apestoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪŋɪŋ//ˈmɪŋɪŋ/



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    • They've left her all alone to deal with minging mother Lyn and her incessant whining about being a lonely geriatric single mother of a toddler.
    • He smiled at me, I shyly smiled back ‘Well that is I remembered you without that minging cut on your face.’
    • We had some really minging ox-tail/vegetable soup for dinner today.
    • It must be someone minging since you're avoiding the subject.
    • I suddenly realized I was in fact wearing minging orthodontic equipment.
    • C'mon in, kick off your shoes (unless you have particularly minging feet, in which case errrr don't).
    • A teapot that gets filled but never pours out will go stagnant and minging.
    • Now, this lovely feeling is even better if you're absolutely minging before you get in the shower.
    • It smells minging so I leave the door open, to let in a bit of air.
    • ‘The place was absolutely bogging, with every carpet in the place ruined: we were only guessing what with, but it was minging,’ he said.
    • I enjoyed these comparisons, and chuckled heartily at the thought of all the pasty faced goons queuing for minging breakfast rolls along the M50.
    • By the time the security guys had got over the floor manager had been battered to the ground and was vomiting everywhere because Larry's jacket had come off and he could see the deformed arm which, to be fair, is absolutely minging to look at.