Translation of minimal in Spanish:


mínimo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪnəməl//ˈmɪnɪm(ə)l/


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    • The exterior differences were minimal, amounting to some new alloys and revised indicator lamp housings.
    • The kitchen was small and cramped, with minimal counter space and cabinetry.
    • For a low-budget Indonesian film, preceded by minimal hype, this was nothing short of a triumph.
    • Instead, a year of planning has gone into ensuring the absolute minimal amount of disruption to traffic while the work has been in progress.
    • It's just a shame that they did not see fit to at least include a minimal amount of this information on the disc.
    • As a result, we could preserve and extend the advantages of a free market with a minimal amount of coercion.
    • The worm is spreading modestly and causing only a minimal amount of damage.
    • There is a minimal amount of violence and very little blood.
    • With a minimal amount of research you can make a sound decision on who to do business with.
    • Despite his minimal knowledge of music, Hoss could tell he was off key and slurring the words.
    • We also see the band on tour throughout New Zealand and Asia with a minimal amount of live footage.
    • Moreover, the nation has got on well with only a minimal amount of decisive political leadership.
    • It can be the backbone of many meals while adding only a minimal amount of fat.
    • He stressed, however, that this easing of restrictions was only minimal.
    • With a limited budget finding performers willing to travel and perform for a minimal amount proved difficult.
    • The poorest schools, such as Detroit Public Schools, get this minimal amount.
    • While I scanned the place, Ryan asked me some questions which I answered with the minimal amount of information.
    • Within the space of a week, and with minimal amount of application, it is possible to gain a skill of incalculable worth.
    • On Monday I started myself on a diet where I am eating meat, fruit and vegetables with a minimal amount of carbohydrates.
    • Budget deficits are also the norm - the tax base is insufficient to cover minimal government spending.