Translation of minimum in Spanish:


mínimo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪnɪməm//ˈmɪnəməm/


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    mínimo masculine
    he always does the absolute minimum siempre sigue la ley del menor / mínimo esfuerzo
    • with a / the minimum of effort con el mínimo esfuerzo
    • to reduce sth to a minimum reducir algo al mínimo
    • direct interference should be kept to a minimum debe procurarse que la interferencia directa sea mínima
    • Implementation of the programme worked well when run from an established home health service and required the minimum of input from other staff.
    • If animals are required, the numbers used should be kept to a minimum.
    • A partnership can be formed and operated with the minimum of formality - no written agreement is required, although it is always sensible to have one.
    • So it's always wise to have an emergency recipe or two, using always-available ingredients, and amenable to be prepared with the minimum of fuss and time but to the maximum impressiveness possible.
    • The main concerns in schools are that the measures are introduced as smoothly as possible and that costs are kept to a minimum.
    • Food is kept as fresh and natural as possible with the minimum of intervention in the cooking.
    • In my opinion if the current force did as was required of them extra funding would be kept to a minimum, therefore reducing our costs.
    • The Connecting the City team has carefully planned the routes to ensure they are the shortest and safest possible and cause the minimum of disruption.
    • One section in the 752-page book says the goal of tax planning is to ‘pay the minimum of what is required.’
    • But it was injected with determination and laced with a hunger to do the job required with the minimum of fuss.
    • And now that the war has started, our principal objective is to make sure that it ends at the soonest possible time with the minimum of casualties.
    • Alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum or if possible avoided.
    • The standard-fit electric folding soft top requires the minimum of effort and when the weather turns less than perfect the standard hard top is a boon.
    • The person also must be fully insured and must agree after training to work as a childminder for at least the minimum of two years.
    • The petitions bore more than 2,500 signatures, well over the minimum of 1,695 required by state election laws.
    • Imported components are kept to a minimum and wherever possible are long life and locally maintainable.
    • Those charges are still being finalised, but they will be kept to a minimum where possible.
    • The work, however, needs to be done and we are doing everything we can to make sure that it is done as quickly as possible with the minimum of inconvenience.
    • It is time Labour took the next step and made sure students got at least the bare minimum required to survive, so that their debt burden does not continue to spiral.
    • The Family Court is dealing with people who are in very emotive situations and need some help to try to get the best result possible with the minimum of damage to the family relationships involved.


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    minimum lending rate tipo de interés mínimo establecido por el banco central