Translation of minister in Spanish:


pastor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪnəstər//ˈmɪnɪstə/


  • 1

    pastor masculine
    pastora feminine
    • Priestley, a nonconformist Presbyterian minister, was supported in his scientific studies by the patronage of the Earl of Shelburne, in whose house Priestley was tutor.
    • And what of evangelicalism with its positive and perky successful ministers and churches and their how-to sermons?
    • My father was a Presbyterian minister, which means we didn't have any money.
    • Christians said there were definitely crime syndicates involved, and ministers of religion were complicit in the crimes.
    • This is a most refreshing new look at the book of Ecclesiastes, by the minister of Ravesby Presbyterian Church, Sydney.
    • He was invited to speak in Belfast by Rev Ruth Patterson, the first woman ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church.
    • First we say that Justice Bleby incorrectly formulated the test for an intention to create legal relations in the context of a church and a minister of religion.
    • His father was a Presbyterian minister and, together with his mother, was devoted to the community.
    • In the face of voluntary church membership, ministers engineered revivals to recruit congregants.
    • It had not been easy to do as he wished, for his father was a Presbyterian minister who very much wanted his son to follow him in the religious life and perhaps become a missionary.
    • Guthrie also referred to another controversy, one stemming from remarks on pluralism by a Presbyterian minister and interfaith leader.
    • William Tennent, therefore, established a small school for Presbyterian ministers in a log cabin on the farm he owned in Bucks County.
    • In the meantime, many Presbyterian ministers have said they will continue to bless gay couples.
    • The act provided exemptions to men with certain disabilities, ministers of religious orders, theological students, and conscientious objectors.
    • Many came from Scotland where they had been ordained as Presbyterian ministers in the Scottish church.
    • He settled down and became the minister of the Salem Presbyterian Church, marrying Delilah Jane Cruise a short time later.
    • Douglas Greenham, a member and minister of the church from 1996 to 1999, opened the meeting with prayer.
    • Neu MacQueen is a Presbyterian minister and founder of Sunday Software Ministries.
    • A number of Presbyterian ministers grew increasingly sceptical of the enduring value of revival.
    • Dr. Gentry is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.
    • The main talents were the three Caldwell brothers, sons of the Reverend James Caldwell, minister at the Presbyterian Church.
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    ministro masculine
    ministra feminine
    secretario masculine Mexico
    secretaria feminine Mexico
    as form of address if I may, minister, … si el señor ministro/la señora ministra me permite, …
    • Minister of Agriculture (in UK) ministra de Agricultura
    • Usually when a minister's backbench committee opposes or has serious concerns about a plan, it triggers a rethink.
    • A private member is any MP other than the Speaker, a minister or a parliamentary secretary.
    • At the end of a council of education ministers meeting at Parliament, Education Minister Kader Asmal said this would now be published for public comment.
    • She said the only person with the authority to change policies in the department was the minister - who even had to get approval from the Cabinet.
    • Hospital chiefs will be ordered by health minister Malcolm Chisholm to cut back spending on agency nurses, some of whom earn more than £1,600 a week.
    • Official committees consist of the senior officials of departments whose ministers sit on the Cabinet committees.
    • In September 1995, he was named parliamentary secretary to the minister of Labour.
    • The battalion was acting under the orders of the interior minister, Luis Echevarria, who became Mexico's president in 1970.
    • With the Council emasculated, enforcement of policy was left to individual ministers and departments without co-ordination.
    • Nor is McConnell exactly in favour: he was the education minister who signed the order to revoke the right of schools to opt out of local authorities.
    • The beleaguered Prime Minister has ordered his ministers to push ahead with the radical moves, even though they are certain to intensify the battle raging between New and old Labour.
    • Last week Putin, who has reduced his parliamentary contacts to the leaders of the pro-Kremlin United Russia majority, ordered his ministers to talk more to opposition.
    • The council of finance ministers cannot depart from the rules laid down by the treaty.
    • Government ministers have ordered that no rise should be greater than five per cent, while also demanding the council meets legal requirements for spending in areas such as education.
    • Education ministers have now been ordered to spearhead the nationwide action on juvenile offending demanded by Blair's office.
    • The cabinet authorizing the prime minister and the defense minister of Israel to take whatever steps are necessary soon to fight terror.
    • It seems to me that the way modern politics works, the Prime Minister of the day is very reliant on his ministers and backbench for policy support.
    • In my fifth trip back there this Memorial Day, I met with the defense minister, the speaker of the parliament, and others.
    • The minister of health has ordered prices reduced by 50 percent.
    • The decision not to send a message of support this year brought private criticism from ministers and backbench MSPs.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to minister to sb cuidar de algn
    • minister to the needs of the elderly ocuparse de / atender a las necesidades de los ancianos
    • a ministering angel un ángel del Señor / de bondad
    • As healers, we take courses in age-specific competencies and diversity to better prepare us to minister to the people who come to us for care.
    • I spend a lot of time attending and ministering to others while no one particularly cares about my needs (emotionally or otherwise)
    • There are many of us who have chosen to remain nonpartisan and chosen it as an opportunity to minister to both sides of the bird, and to care about the whole country at large.
    • What shall we do, then, to minister to the Russians, to assist them on the arduous road to ‘reform’?
    • In is vital that we continue to minister to people like Fionnaigh.
    • There may also be room for optional characters, like a Horse Doctor to minister to Old Ball, or a supernumerary mummer who will be called Patsie.
    • I can pretty much say that every continent I've heard from, from people that he's ministered to, people that don't know him.