Translation of minstrel in Spanish:


trovador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪnstrəl//ˈmɪnstr(ə)l/


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    trovador masculine
    juglar masculine
    • Additionally, the cultural heritage has been immortalized in the famous epic poem Sonjara, sung by minstrels since the thirteenth century.
    • As minstrels and troubadours spread his legend across England, the peasantry embraced Robin Hood and his band of outlaws as their heroes just as much as the nobility idealized King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as their own.
    • True, if he had talked it over with someone, he would have realized that love can be a long, hard road, just like the minstrels sang about.
    • With the invention of print, minstrels in their medieval form largely disappeared, becoming balladeers selling broadsheets of their songs and singing to advertise their wares, or stage-players.
    • Troubadours and minstrels used to be homeless buskers, driven from city to city (by baying mobs I hope) with the odd groat and a good bumming from Richard I being their only reward.
    • Poetry is often sung by minstrels and ballad singers.
    • Where Benchtours and Théâtre Sans Frontières take us into another world, Borderline take us back in time to Italy's medieval minstrels with Dario Fo's Mistero Buffo.
    • We are the travelling bards of the renaissance; travelling minstrels that make music for people to make them happy.
    • The term buskers originates from an old French word for troubadours - minstrels, love singers or poets.
    • The minstrel was often paid to sing the praises of his master at the feast (as bad as the holiday slides!)
    • Are we to believe that bushido warriors in Edo Japan, princes and minstrels in medieval Europe, Renaissance courtesans and Mongol nomads were lacking because their lives failed to square with a modern ideal of personal autonomy?
    • Unlike the minstrel who sings freely, with his audience joining in, Spenser now has to deal with the expectations of his audience.
    • The ladies rode on palfreys or were drawn on litters, escorted by gentlemen, squires and pages, with trumpeters, drummers and minstrels.
    • Traveling minstrels serenaded their clients with bawdy or heroic tales set to music.
    • Serfs had simple diets and traveling minstrels and entertainers came to the manor.
    • They were meant for minstrels to sing in baronial halls.
    • They will spend the first two nights mingling with minstrels and musicians at the fairytale, medieval-style Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.
    • Their condition indicates long usage and there is textual evidence that they were used as illustrations to stories told and performed by travelling minstrels.
    • Although most of their verse was set to music, sung by the Minnesinger themselves and often accompanied by professional minstrels, few melodies have survived from the first two centuries of the movement's existence.
    • While having his meal, the stranger listened to the minstrel who was performing in the tavern.