Translation of minuscule in Spanish:


minúsculo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪnəˌskjul//ˈmɪnəskjuːl//mɪnˈəsˌkjul/


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    (very small)
    a minuscule fall in temperature was observed se observó un mínimo descenso de la temperatura
    • Trainers like them because it means they can justify keeping the horses in their yard and though the prize money is minuscule it's still better than nothing and there's always the chance of a wee betting coup to inflate the income.
    • We see the same hypocrisy when the U.S. military, after dislocating millions of people from their means of sustenance by threatening war, drops a minuscule amount of food packets onto ground riddled with landmines.
    • In his Parisian workshop, the elegant Bartholdi and truly minuscule workers pose next to a gigantic foot or an ear, of which the actual-size mold is shown with the photos.
    • The minuscule creatures toil endlessly completely unaware that they are being watched and that, with a simple tap on the glass by the giant undetected observer, what would amount to half a life time's work for an ant could be destroyed.
    • Deprived even of the minuscule readership she had once been able to count on, unable to obtain news of her husband and daughter who had been summarily arrested, Tsvetaeva hanged herself two years later, in 1941.
    • The thought of Pakistan unleashing only theatre nuclear weapons (hence, nuclear safety rooms) is absurd, given the minuscule distances that separate the two countries.
    • Car nuts will appreciate Capsule Tomica, a series of tiny-but-detailed toy cars that measure about 1.5 inches long and come inside equally minuscule boxes printed with Japanese text.
    • Their counterparts are the more poetically named lacecaps, whose papery bracts (flower-like modified leaves) circle a mauve to pink head of minuscule flowers.
    • It is much larger than the average minuscule Japanese hotel room, with the convenience of a fully fitted kitchen but without the hassle of having to do the washing-up - dishwashers and housekeeping teams are on hand to take care of all that.
    • There are, though, pointers to be found in minuscule changes of facial expression that may last as little as one twenty-fifth of a second, in speech and tone of voice and perhaps most of all in unconscious gestures.
    • They write that Australia's reaction to refugees is not in proportion with the actual number arriving here - which is minuscule compared to that faced by North America and Europe.
    • It wasn't too long ago that Dean was the Rodney Dangerfield of the Democratic race, the long-shot candidate from a minuscule state who didn't get much respect.
    • Mike Griffin, owner of Honey Martin's on Sherbrooke W., went through a five-year battle to keep music alive at his minuscule bar (which is large enough for a musician or two).
    • Water striders are covered stem to stem and toe to toe with a layer of tiny, waxy, feathery hairs in which countless minuscule air bubbles are trapped.
    • While at the moment the proportion of the human genome being inserted into the genome of nonhumans is minuscule, at what stage will we start ascribing transgenic animals carrying human genes, the same values we ascribe to humans?
    • It's not a minuscule scrap of faded black cotton, it's my Preen skirt - which, incidentally, looks great with the Gucci boots I bought while a taxi waited outside en route to a lunch.
    • But he acknowledged global deaths from climate change were minuscule compared with the total number of deaths a year, which the WHO puts at 56 million.
    • Upon entering, however, there was a man on a minuscule stage, reading from a tiny index card.
    • Currently these businesses contribute a minuscule amount to the total revenues.
    • Some snakes, such as pythons, retain tiny leg bones, which may be visible as minuscule claws at the base of the tail.
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    • Here for the first time it became common to mix both majuscule and minuscule letters in a single text.
    • The small (minuscule) letters are earth symbols- the (majuscule) capital letter A is a picture of the missing capstone from Khufu's pyramid.


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    minúscula feminine