Translation of mirage in Spanish:


espejismo, n.

Pronunciation /mɪˈrɑːʒ//ˈmɪrɑːʒ//məˈrɑʒ/


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    espejismo masculine
    • But he said it was unclear whether the bulge indicated a jagged break in the wing or a mirage caused by atmospheric distortion.
    • Their painstaking work reveals what many astronomers suspected but, until now, could never prove: the redshift desert is a mirage.
    • Yes, people had mirages in the desert, but what she was describing was clearly no mirage.
    • They're so thirsty for it, they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there is no water, they'll drink the sand.
    • We are like thirsty travellers in a desert chasing mirages.
    • Heading for the desert he attempts the Marathon des Sables, an exhausting and dangerous seven-day test of ability, to see what effect dry heat has on the weather, from mirages to the deadly desert sandstorm that is the haboob.
    • Malaysia's hot pursuit a fortnight ago appeared like a mirage in Bahrain's desert expanse.
    • A mirage is caused by a small refraction of light near a hot surface.
    • On the other hand, flying insects can discriminate natural water surfaces from mirages or other ‘virtual’ surfaces using polarization vision.
    • Seeing nothing at all except the distant silver mirages and heat shimmers he once again eased his mount forward.
    • In the heat mirage, it is hard to tell which cars are real and which are not, and the roadside wrecks, crushed flat like compacted drinks cans, are testimony to many a fatal illusion.
    • At first glance, the Salton Sea appears like a glistening mirage in the California desert - a shimmering landscape of reflected sky and sand.
    • Theo and the little girl were now little more than two indistinct specks shimmering in the heat haze, a mirage that was beginning to flicker and break up.
    • Due to the unpredictability of mirages, these lights can seem to move quickly through the sky and suddenly vanish.
    • After all, mirages were common in deserts like these.
    • Across it, turrets of the small white mosque seemed as insubstantial as the wobbling outlines of a heat mirage.
    • Their eyes are blinded: they will not see that their visions are as baseless and disappointing as the mirage of the African desert.
    • The heat rippled watery mirages on the road, teasing my hot hand with illusory coolness.
    • In the heat of the day it spreads a mirage of water over the horizon.
    • But like a sand-crusted desert crawler, forging his way towards a shimmering mirage of water, I found myself on the first day of my arrival scavenging for bagels.