Translation of misapprehend in Spanish:


entender mal, v.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪsaprɪˈhɛnd//ˌmɪsˌæprəˈhɛnd/

transitive verb


  • 1

    (meaning) entender mal
    (intention/motives) malinterpretar
    • It can only become evil to the extent that man turns from God; it is a danger only if its true nature is misapprehended.
    • The mother must ultimately establish before the appellate tribunal that the motions judge erred in principle or materially misapprehended the evidence.
    • The appellant thus argued that the trial judge misapprehended the facts and/or misapplied the appropriate standard of care to the facts.
    • And yet, if she realised that she had been misapprehending the problem or if she worked out for herself some possible solution to it, she would reveal her changed thinking at once.
    • The meaning of religious freedom, I fear, is sometimes greatly misapprehended.
    • Ultimately, the point will be that when one looks to the letter that goes to the Tribunal from the adviser, the Tribunal has not misapprehended the case put, but rather the reasons are responsive to the case as put then.
    • He came to regret this openness, however, believing it had caused his aims to be misapprehended.
    • It was a lesson I had misapprehended as a small child, when I went to synagogue with my father.
    • The difficult balancing exercise is for the Board, and not for the court, to perform and the Board cannot do this if it misapprehends the principles it must apply.
    • This contention misapprehends the basis for their potential liability.
    • Most people were befuddled by or misunderstood Full Metal Jacket and had misapprehended The Shining.
    • The appellate court may overturn a trial judge's decision if it is satisfied that the trial judge misapprehended the evidence before him or her, or if the trial judge failed to consider essential evidence constituting an error of law.
    • In my review of the evidence presented on the temporary care and custody hearing and the reasons for decision of the presiding justice, I do not see, in any respect whatsoever, that she misapprehended the evidence.
    • On the application for special leave it appears that the Court may have misapprehended the situation so far as the Full Court was concerned.
    • China's industrial competitors, including the U.S., often misapprehend the source of China's productive strength.
    • The applicant also complains that the Minister has, in effect, misapprehended his family circumstances and the hardships that will be caused to his wife and his 14-month-old child if his application fails.
    • One infers that they thought he did not have reasonable grounds, but they did so in circumstances where they have misapprehended the factual circumstances.
    • His Honour did not misapprehend the facts, he did not misapply legal principle, he did not miscalculate the damages, nor did he err in the exercise of his discretion.
    • The trial judge misapprehended the evidence and the weight to be attributed to it.
    • That was a case of an architect who misapprehended his position.